Sunday, 1 March 2015

Topshop Daisy Jean

There I was innocently browsing around the Topshop website and there I found these pretty awesome small daisy print ripped jeans. I just think there so cool they are the fine line between pretty and grunge combining the two perfectly and they defiantly have a vintage feel to them.
So I thought I'd style these beauties up for you guys so you can see how I would wear them.
Being that the jeans are a Leigh style they are a little high waisted without being full on so I put them together with a white ribbed crop top as I think the white will bring out the colours in the daisy's. Then of course some creepers I chose white again for the colour pop but these creepers have studs on them as well which adds some rock n roll to this outfit. I think if you need a jacket with this its gotta be something plain so that's why I went with a plain black denim jacket. Then a nice black leather backpack and a black beanie won really slouchy and loose.I went for some nerd glasses and a daisy choker to add even more fun to this outfit. To finish some white Barry M nails and Macs Velvet Teddy.
Let me know what you guys think
Emer X

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