Sunday, 23 August 2015

My make up saviours

Its summer time and here in the U.K it's pretty humid and clammy I'm not saying that's a terrible thing but it is when it comes to your make up. I like to wear quite a heavy coverage foundation I've always been that way its probably an insecurity thing but hey ho. Every year I have the same problem of when its really hot and clammy my make up just evaporates. This year I decided to do something about that because it can b quite frustrating when I've put alot of time and effort into my make up that morning to see most of it gone by 12 o clock. The product that's really helped with this is The Body Shop Vitamin C Instant Glow Enhancer. I'd originally bought it to brighten my skin so that I could achieve a more dewy finish to my make up without having to change foundations. But I've found that this product also works as a pretty good primer. 

I think because this product is extremely hydrating and it has vitamin c in it I think it goes into your pores and helps your skin rather than clogging them up with silicon like some primers do. The Body Shop Vitamin C Instant Glow Enhancer is a gorgeous creamy consistency that smells of orange and has an orange tint too which I think is a little colour correcting as I have alot of redness around my cheeks and I feel this is made a little more even base to work upon. this product also brightens up your skin so much as when you apply it you achieve an instant glow. This for me was the original selling point and I'm so glad I picked it up as when you use this with a foundation with a dewy finish its definitely the perfect summer base. 

So by using the Vitamin C Instant Glow Enhancer I've created that perfect glowing base I do still have one or two problem pore areas that  still wanted to cover up so I used the Body Shop Instablur Primer which completely does the trick. I have quite visible pores on the sides of my nose and on my cheeks towards the centre of my face so I really like to blot those out so that my make up sits correctly. To do this I use a tiny amount of the product on those areas and it creates a perfectly smooth base that really evens up the texture of my skin ready to be built upon. I definitely want to pick up more products from the vitamin c range at the body shop as I think just by using this has helped my skin so much I bet the rest of the range will do wonders. 

Have you guys tried either of these products?  Do u recommend something else from that range please let me know :-)
Emer X

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Naked Smoky Looks

As a little follow up to the post earlier in the week talking about the gorgeous naked smoky palette, I thought I'd just show you guys how I've been wearing some of the my favourite shades.

Firstly let me just say since having this palette I have used thirteen and Combust constantly. The two work perfectly together to highlight and to create a transition between the brow bone and whichever beautiful eye shadow you choose to use. I use Combust in my crease and then take it slightly up to my brow bone and I am obsessed with how much dimension and extra shading it gives to the finished look. Which is what I have done on all three of these looks. 


As I said I've been starting every look with Thirteen and Combust so I applied those two on the brow bone and crease. Then I took Whiskey and used that shade in my crease and then into my outer corners and lower lash line. Then I used Radar in the centre of my lid and blend that into Whisky. Finally I took Dirtysweet in my inner corners and lower lash line and blended them all together.

 For some reason I can't stop using Password it's such a unique shade, so I started with password in my crease and outer corner. Then I took Slanted on my lid and lower lash line and I also put Thirteen in my inner corner and then put more Armor on top of that. Then to darken up the corners I used Black Market obviously blending everything together as I go.

Firstly I used Password which is a really nice muted taupe grey, into my crease and then out into the outer corner. I then used Dagger on the centre of my lid and towards the inner corner. Then I took Thirteen again and used a little bit in my inner corner. By doing this I create a highlight while also lightening up the little bit of Dagger that I had already put it.

With all of these looks I finished with my Soap and Glory Supercat Eyeliner and my Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara as I feel a eye look is not complete without a feline flick. How have you guys been using this palette what are your favourite shades? 

Emer X

Monday, 17 August 2015

I totally get it now

So this is just a short post to show you guys how God damn happy I am. Some may call it a little sad but you know what I don't care.
I have long awaited the day when I can wake up in the morning and say hey I'm gonna put my mac on. I know this may sound silly but I work really hard for my money and now I own some.make up that is of a high level I feel like it's money well spent and a serious investment for me.
I picked up two items the first being Velvet Teddy lipstick not only because I've been brainwashed into thinking that I need it by every YouTuber and blogger but also because I wanted that perfect nude pinky brown to be part of my collection. The other item is the burgundy times 9 pallete that is just gorgeous and has the perfect amount of Matt and shimmer shades that makes it the perfect pallete for any look. Also I really wanted some new shades into my collection so these burgundys and coppers are perfect for that cause.
So yeah hyper active ranting over and I hope you guys understand my ramblings, please make sure you follow me for a full on review of these products.
B-) emer x

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Urban Decay Smoky Palette

I've been so excited about the launch of this palette for quite some time, as you guys may of guessed by now I really love a smokey eye so this palette just makes sense for me to purchase, and since that day I've not touched any other eye shadow. This product really has everything you need to create any smokey eye look you want.

Firstly let just take a minute to appreciate the very practical but beautiful packaging. The palette has this gorgeous watercolour smoke design all over the hard casing of the palette. Inside of that there is a mirror inside that's the same length of the palette which comes in really handy when your using the palette on the go. Just from the packaging alone you really feel like you've got a great high quality product and you know that the eye shadows inside are going to be just . 

Inside there are 12 eye shadows to choose from with the perfect mix of shimmer, satin and matt the possibilities are endless. 
These 12 shades include
 ¦ High ¦ Dirtysweet ¦ Radar ¦ Armor ¦ 
¦ Slanted ¦ Dagger ¦ Black Market ¦ Smolder ¦ 
¦ Password ¦ Whiskey ¦ Combust ¦ Thirteen ¦

 I really like how much the colours vary with this palette as there are some really pretty highlight shades, champagnes and golds going to blues purples and greys. For me this is great as it's really pushed me out of my comfort zone of using black constantly and I've been able to build up the different colours more to create a more interesting look with alot more depth. 

I have found that using Thirteen first as a highlight on my brow bone then using Combust in the crease and then slightly into where I just put thirteen it creates a perfect transition for the dark smokey shades. I really love the final result by doing this you don't get a start stop line where the dark shade finishes and your highlight begins. Instead you'r left with a perfectly blended eye that transitions perfectly shade to shade without any harsh lines. Because of this gorgeous effect they give I love these two and I feel I'l be touching pan very quickly with Combust in the not so distant future.

 As far as the actual colours are concerned my favourites have been Smolder, Dagger and Password. I've mainly been using Password in the crease after Combust and then taking either Smolder or dagger onto my lid and lower lash line this creates a really pretty smokey look with some really nice interest by using different colours. 

I have been so impressed with the pigmentation of these beautiful shades as this is my first Urban Decay palette I thought it would be good but I didn't expect them to be this good. You really don;t need a primer with these colours they are perfectly pigmented all by themselves. I would recommend wearing a primer for durability but I personally feel that about any eye shadow as I hate the horrible creased look that tends to                                             develop during a long day at work. 

Finally the other great thing about this palette is the brush as its fit for every purpose. the smaller side is slightly domed so that it can fit into smaller parts of your eye such as the inner corner and lower lash line. But aswell as this it also works great on the lid and to create more defined shapes. Then on the other end there is a gorgeous tapered blending brush which works fantastic to give that perfect smokey eye which is exactly what you want to achieve with this palette.

Overall I'm really impressed with this product and it has definitely converted me to Urban Decay. Its a great palette for anyone who loves a smokey eye but I think especially for someone who new to this sort of style as it gives you all the tools you need to create that perfect on point smokey eye.
Have you picked up this palette too ? Are you as in love as I am?

Emer X 

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Prezzo - My favourite Restaurant

Okay lets talk food again, as it really is my next biggest passion next to beauty and fashion. There are alot of different Italian restaurant chains all over the UK and I have to say I really love most of them butt non more than the chain Prezzo.
The first one I checked out purely by chance as we were wondering round the streets of Nottingham trying to find a nice looking pizza place, that's were we found Prezzo. From the first bite I fell in love and since then I've visited there restaurants in Manchester a few times and a couple in London too. 

Any chain that I discover I like to work my way around the menu as I am quite an adventurous eater I'll try anything that sounds good. My personal favourites so far has been, Il Carltoni Calzone, Prawn & Lobster VIP pizza and the one that I always go back to is the Spaghetti with King Prawns. Oooh the Spaghetti with King Prawns is just AMAZING firstly the spaghetti is cooked perfectly el dente which adds a gorgeous texture to the meal. Then around six or seven big fat juicy king prawns without any shells or tails just ready to go. Surrounding the pasta and prawns there is the most perfect tomato sauce with chili, red onion, spinach and garlic... what could  be better... what more could you want.

 The thing I love the most aout Prezzo is that the portion sizes are spot on for me. For some people they could be too big but for me if your eating out you want good value for money with the taste and a decent size portion, non of this pretty little fine dining.

Prezzo also Serve Peroni on draft which is always I winner for me but with my Spaghetti and King Prawns I do love a nice glass on Rose as the two compliment each other so well. The glass of Rose also comes in very handy when it comes to desert which for me is either the classic Tiramisu or the gooorgeous Chocolate Orange Slice. That slice is desert perfection, its not too heavy its ever so slightly goey and the flavors are spot on. I just could never contemplate anything else. 

Also there's always some sort of offer on 2 for 1 mains, free desert or starter, 20% off oh and if you sign up to there newsletter you get a free £25 bottle of Presecco with your meal in the month of your birthday. So seriously check it out they're literally all over the country I'm kinda glad there isn't one where I live or else I'd be sooo fat and sooo poor.

Have you ever been ? Let me know what your favourite is on the menu :-)
Emer X

Monday, 3 August 2015

Lord & Berry Velluto Slate & Noble

As I've mentioned before I really do love Lord and Berry and I'm constantly looking for something new to try out. I picked up these pretty cool looking eyeliners from my Love Me Beauty Box this month and I'm pretty impressed. The two colours I picked up was Slate which is a really gorgeous medium grey and the other is Noble which is a gorgeous Damson shade which is really different for a eyeliner.

These eyeliners have been designed to be able to use them firstly as a liner but then also as an eyeshadow. This is achievable because on the opposite end you find a brush nib where you can smudge out your eyeliner to create an effortless smokey eye. At first I did find this quite difficult as the eyeliner at first was a little dry so it wasn't as smooth as I'd expected. But after a few uses the liner became alot easier to work with and now I find them to be smooth and creamy. Even though they are creamy the liners set really well, which was a little unexpected as I thought I may of had to set my look with some eyeshadow. Even more unexpectedly I found that the liners lasted all day without even the slightest top up the colour and finish was flawless.

I think the possibilities are endless when it comes to these liners, I really want to play around with a few ideas I've got flying around my head so keep checking back to see what I come up with.

Emer X