Sunday, 26 July 2015

High End Make Up Shopping List

I really want to start to explore more high end products that a a real investment not just picking up what ever looks pretty at the drug store. That being said I wanted to show you guys what items are at the top of my high end shopping list. Also let me just say that I'm not sorry about how many Kat Von D products are in here because they're just gorgeous.

This foundation is top basically because of blogger Lily Melrose, firstly I love her anyways but her skin always looks beautiful and I know she favors this foundation over any else. Not only that I'm even more drawn to this foundation as its a great formula for photography which is a massive passion of mine. I really do prefer a medium to high converge aswell so this is my top must have really. 

While everyone else lusts over Mac I just want more of these bad boys. I already have one in the colour "Lovecraft" and they're so beautifully creamy and longlasting and they have the best colour pay off. That being said the two colours I'd definitely pick out Noble and Wonderchilde.

I am totally in love with this colour and I've seen alot of different nail polishes claiming to be petrol but nothing compares to this it's a really true petrol shade. It's soo beautiful but at £15 it's a serious treat. 

Something I've admired for a while but never picked up purely because of the price. But I totally understand the price because of everything you can achieve with this liner. The colour is a pure ultra black with the finest nib to give you precise application however you choose to use it. 

I know I've mentioned a foundation already but this is just unmissable, it's different to the first one as this is a more light to medium coverage great for summer. I think this would be a more day to day foundation given its coverage and as it's supposed to last 16 hours that works for me.  

I've recently tried a product very similar to this from the drugstore but I found that it really didn't last very long. I've heard alot of people talking about this brand purely because of this product so it's one of those staples you just have to try out.

Now everyone talks about the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit but I have to say the colours just don't appeal to me. That's wear I turn to this as I think the colours are really wearable and buildable and compliment any skin tone really well.

I have to finish with some eyeshadow and what better than these gorgeous ones by Urban Decay. As the name Moon dust suggests the shadows are all glitter based with amazing colour pay off. The shades that stand out the most to me are Intergalactic, Zodiac and Space Cowboy.

Emer X

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Festival Styling

Every blogger at the moment is posting what they've worn to whatever festival they've been to so far. Now I haven't been to a festival this year, I've only been to one festival and that was Download a couple of years ago. I did really enjoy it at the time and I'd definitely go another one but for me what really matters at a festival is the music so next time I go it would have to have a pretty good line up. So here I just wanted to show you guys what I would of worn if I had gone this year.

I new I wanted to wear this Metallica t shirt which I acquired from my boyfriend a couple of years ago. He wore it to death so it's got a really nice vintage feel to it which I love. Also the top is an xxl so its pretty much a dress on me so that's pretty much how I wear it. But I did pop a pair of blue denim shorts underneath just to preserve my dignity and to keep me warm. For shoes I went with my favourite boots from primark that are a chelsea boot with a flatform. They're super easy to walk it and sooo comfy perfect for standing up all day in a muddy field.

Just to keep me warn I also added a layer with this beautiful denim shirt from h&m that has a perfect white and grey acid wash all over it. The shirt is really light weight and soft so it's perfect to keep nice and warm as the day goes on and you wait for the headline act. Finally just to protect my hair from any rain i'd take a beanie like this one which I got from eBay for only a few pounds and its been one of the handiest buys I've ever made. I'd also take my leather jacket as they are a little bit shower proof so it may come in handy.

Also I've got to mention this necklace from asos as it hasn't left my neck since I bought it. Its a choker layered necklace with individual charms on each row which adds a cool boho hippie vibe to any outfit and I think it really helps to pull this outfit together.
Let me know what you think is this something similar to what you'd wear? What did you wear to a festival you've been?

Emer X


Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Rose Gold Smokey Eye Tutorial

Hey guys so I'm really making an effort this week with my youtube so first up is this Rose Gold Smokey Eye look. I'm really starting to feel more comfortable doing these sort of videos and I'm getting there with the voice overs. I've got a H&M haul coming this week too I just need it to stop raining so I can photograph some outfits. So I hope this video inspires you guys and please subscribe so my channel. :)
Emer X

Monday, 20 July 2015

Tarte Cosmetics Summer 5 Product Face

It's summer time the suns out and making you smile and you wanna have a nice healthy glow, now personally I know I cant achieve that sort of look without make up. But obviously you don't want to be caked in it, so it's best to take 5 fantastic products that you know will look perfect without much effort.  

The first of the 5 being the Tarte Coloured Clay CC Primer, I know hold up I know it's called a primer but its really not. This product is firstly a CC Cream which is colour correction which means it cancels out any dark circles or redness while also adding colour and a smooth velvet finish to your base. As this has such a silky smooth finish you have no need for a powder which is perfect for what we're going for here. Trust me this is not a primer, its works absolutely perfectly on its own. 

Now that the "foundation" is done we need to add more dimension ad warmth into my face so I used the Tarte colored clay bronzer blush in Pink Bronze. This product is a meineral powder blush which has been designed so that you can use it both as a bluch and a bronzer, firstly you can use the product as one all over. Secondly you could bemore carefull of wear you put your brush and head more towards the bronzr part of the poeder and then head towards the pretty pink colours when the time is right. By doing this you achieve the perfect gradient between the two and it makes for a gorgeous finish.

Then on my eyes I used the Tarte Amazonian clay eyeshadow quad  which is ab
solutely beautiful. In the box it includes four neural toned very high pigmented everyday shades ranging from a champagne to a chocolate brown. I used all four colours to create this look and also used the dark brown on my eyebrows because why not when it's all so long wearing and highly pigmented. 

Next on my eyes I used the Tarte lights, camera, lashes 4-in-1 mascara which is probably the best mascara I've ever used, it does everything you want and more. The mascara gives you the longest and most defined lashes in the world, along with voluminous beyond belief. I love how it's the blackest black too as it darkens any eye look immensely to help me come to terms to a look without black eyeshadow.

Of course finish on the lips with the Tarte LipSurgence lip crème in Vintage which is basically Tartes version of Cliniques Chubby Sticks. Tartes version is very similar in consistency and pretty much everything except from that minty smell that the Clinique ones have. The colour is a very pretty pink perfect for summer time and perfect finish to this look.

All of these products are from the 6 piece Best Face Forward Tarte set from QVC, as it's a brand I've wanted to try out for quite some time I thought this is a great way of trying out a few different products without splashing out too much. I really love this look using my five Tarte products I feel like this is something I can wear pretty much everyday all day.

Emer X

Sunday, 19 July 2015

The Diner

I decided to talk about something else on this blog that I am extremely passionate about, that being FOOD!

I recently took a three day trip to London with my partner, I'd seen alot of bloggers and youtubers raving about this place called The Diner that do the most amazing burgers, breakfasts and milkshakes in London so naturally I had to seek it out.
Okay so firstly there are eight of these places all dotted round key spots in London so you'd have no reason to not check it out anyways. But firstly we checked out Camden so why not try out the Camden restaurant too. The Diner is just off the main market street on Camden which for us was great as we just popped by in between shopping.

It had gotten to midday and the sun was shinning and you know that feeling when you just want the perfect classic burger, well we had it and we needed one. We sat down in these awesome little red leather seats surrounded by chilling music and lots of smiling happy people. I'd already decided I wanted a burger so I went straight to those on the menu and chose the "Grab Burger". The grab burger is basically 8oz of pure gluteny but in all honesty I didn't care. It had all the makings of a perfect classic burger, two gorgeous beef patties, US cheese, lettuce, pickle, burger sauce, mustard and ketchup. I'd say the only thing it was missing was bacon, because everything's better with bacon. The great thing about the burger itself was that they ask how you'd like it cooked and thinking about this carefully I asked for mine medium and I am so glad that I did. The burger oozed with meat juices covering my hands and covering the basket where my burger had been before. Being the type of person not to waste such delicious meat juices I thought quickly and grabbed a handful of fries and dropped those into the tray so that they would soak it all up, my god the flavour right there was perfection itself. 

As I said we also had a basket of fries to share, we opted for plain and I'll explain why in a sec. There was a gorgeous selection of toppings for the fries, the one that really grabbed me was the hanger fries but I controlled myself. I controlled myself because we also got a Oreo Milkshake each and I personally love dipping my salty fries into my sweet ice cold milkshake, there's nothing close to it. Especially when the milksakes that good, I've had alot of Oreo Milklshakes from all sorts of places but The Diners were so creamy soft and smooth they're like a dream. Other places never seem to get rid of all the cookie but hell yeah The Diner totally did it perfectly.    

This is by faaar my favourite place to eat out now, we even went back for a second go the next day for breakfast. Where I had the breakfast burrito and my partner had the lumberjack breakfast. Both were amaazing and completely kept us going all day. Also its a pretty hefty breakfast so The diner really think about you and they include a slice of orange, pineapple and melon on the side, which I found really refreshing after such a starchy meaty burrito. 

Seriously guys go ahead and check them out, perfection doesn't even describe The Diner.

Emer X

Sunday, 12 July 2015

ASOS Acessorie Wishlist

I feel that when it comes to accessories, you gotta keep it simple and of course keep it monochrome. I've picked out my favorites from that wonderful place ASOS where you can literally find everything you want in one place. So some things are something I really need and others are just beautiful and I need them in my life.

Firstly let start with bags number 1 is my favourite as it's one of those bags that is really slouchy and has a effortless feel to it which I just love. Then to a more structured feel with number 15, everybody needs a bag like this in their life. This one especially as its hat happy medium between formal and a day bag and the fact that its black and white means it goes with anything and everything. Finally number four is a gorgeous simple structured backpack for those chilled days or even a festival. 

Okay first up are those shoes that everyone seems to have at the moment number two are the lace up flats. They're gooorgeous and I think this sort of style is gonna be around for a while so why not pick them up as an investment. Number six are something that I'd of never of thought about before but I recently picked up some sliders and I love them so much I need more so why not get some in silver? Number fourteen some beautiful smart casual flats that will look fab with any outfit any occasion. Finally my favourite is number twenty they look super comfy with a trainer like sole and they lace up at the front which is very on trend at the moment.

I love the wayfarer style of number seven and I love them even more because these ones are a matt black. Then for something a little different number eleven are so on trend and so cool and bohemian looking you just couldn't put them down. Of course the classic aviator on number 19 they are perfectly mirrored and the perfect size and look pretty sturdy aswell.

Now these two I've gotta pick up not only because they're beautiful but also because my current one is falling apart. But seriously I love the sleek simplicity of both the watches, one being black and one silver/holographic I just love so that I could change it up whenever I feel like. I definitely think the black would be worn more out of the two.

 I'm not gonna run through all of these because well look at them they're all beautiful I must have them all, especially that triangle ring and the three row choker. so so pretty and they'd all compliment any outfit. 

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Lord and Berry 20100 Shiny

For me Lord and Berry are a pretty luxurious brand, I know alot of people don't but I do. So with that said when the brand appeared on Love Me Beauty for me to pick up for my monthly subscription box I just had to pick some up. Two of the items I chose for my box are these the 20100 Shiny Lipstick Pencils in the colours Replay and Fire.

The formula of these pencils are absolutely perfect, the pencils are beautifully smooth and have a gorgeous creamy finish aswell. The colour pay off is amazing especially when I've used a lipstick pencils in the past the colour has been extremely dulled down and not really what I'd bought into. 
With these pencils what you see is what you get, so with the first colour "Replay" which is a gorgeous caramel brown nude. I love this colour as its unlike anything else in my collection, I think it would look great with a gold or copper eye to create a pretty subtle golden goddess look.
Then I also picked up the shade "Fire" which is so not me at all but I really wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone so I thought why not. As the name indicates its a really pretty orange toned red which is pretty gorgeous I have to say.I'm not quite sure how I'm gonna wear this one yet I think I should take a look at Kat Von D for some inspiration as she wears this type of colour quite often.

I definitely want to check out more of the 17 colours available maybe blush or vintage pink, but for now I'm very happy with my selections look out for them in an upcoming get ready with me.
Emer X

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Pure Skincare

I really wanted to jump on the band wagon of Liz Earle cleanse and polish but I'm sad to say that's just not in my price range. So I did a little research into finding a decent dupe and I'd say I've found one.  
This is is the Pure Skincare range that is only available at M&S they have a wide range of products but this one interested me the most as its a 100% natural hot cloth cleanser just like Liz Earle. I have really enjoyed using this product as its so soothing for my skin. Alot of the time I will wear quite heavy foundation so when it comes to the end of the day I just want to get into my pores and let them breath. This product does just that and I love it for that. The consistency is beautifully creamy and applies really soft and gently onto my skin, I like to make sure I'm working the cleanser into my skin so that the hot cloth can do it's job and get all of the dirt and old make up out of my pores. The scent from this product is gorgeous too as it's that really pretty clean flower smell the product has  Camelina oil, starflower oil, chamomile, geranium, petitgrain which obviously contributes to this gorgeous fresh smell. I really see the difference using a product like this makes, my skin feels like it has been lifted and it feels so clean and fresh its unbelievable especially as your talking to someone who only used face wipes until a few months ago... I know very naughty. 

To finish after my hot cloth cleanser I use the toner by pure aswell and for a while I've been spectacle of why you HAVE to use a cleanser. I understand catching any left over make up but for me using this toner after my hot cloth cleanser is a godsend as it completely calms down my skin after using the hot cloth cleanser as it can leave some parts quite red which is rightly so considering you've just put a steaming cloth on your face.
I'd definitely recommend both of these products as they give you such a  high quality cleanse without paying out too much money. 

Emer X

Does it come in black?

You may remember from a while ago now I posted a look and wishlist including a noisy may kimono well guys it went in the ASOS sale so i had no choice but to pick it up. 

 So from that this outfit is head to toe black as I really want to the kimono to do the talking. Keeping it basic I wore my ASOS forever t shirt as its really loose and can b worn with ANYTHING. Then I wore my favourite black shorts which I cut myself from an old pair of jeans. I've always done this since my emo kid days all those years ago. The kimono is just as gorgeous as I thought it would be the chiffon material feels so luxurious. The dainty sun and moon symbols give a lift to any outfit as they're really subtle but you can still make a statement. I also like that its a midi length as I feel it's wearable for any occasion here I'm just going out for some drinks with friends in the beautiful summer sun. I finished the outfit with my Kurt Giger western boots which I just love and I'm gonna talk about them in an upcoming post.

So this is my first outfit post guys and I hope you like it, I'm not the skinniest of people so I've found it hard to get the confidence to put something up like this but I want to push myself so why not.  
Btw sorry about the photo quality my proper camera wanted to die alot the day I did this.

Emer X

Friday, 3 July 2015

Benefit Complection Kit

Benefit are a brand where it seems everyone except me have used, so I really wanted to try them out for myself. As I wondered around Benefits very pretty website I found the "How to look best at Everything" kit so I thought what better way to test out some of the products that everyone harps on about.
In this cute little kit you get four sample sized products all to be used together to make a perfectly flawless complexion. The kit comes in three shades to pick from light, medium and deep, I picked up the deep and I'd say with all four products the light was the best choice for me as I'm not pale but neither am I tanned so it's an in between colour.

The first sample in the kit is a sample of the POREfessional which I have wanted to get my hands on for quite some time as this is something I've seen EVERYONE talk about it.  It is a primer that minimizes the appearance of your pores so that yo have a nice and smooth base to build upon. I don't really have that many problem pore areas just mainly the usual places around my nose and smile lines like most people really. So I thought I will only use the POREfessional on these problem areas mainly to make sure that my sample last a while but also to make sure I get the full effect from the product. I really feel like I have just that, this primer really does make a difference. I no longer feel like my skin in exposed only that it is a soft and smooth base for my foundation and concealer to sit upon.

Next in the set is the Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation which is something I hadn't heard much about but I gotta say I like it. It is a brightening foundation which is great as its so unlike my usual matt foundations I always seem to hover around. The foundation has quite a light coverage which is perfect for summer as it gives a luminous and brightened finish. I really like this product purely because it's totally out of my foundation comfort zone which is great because I think we all can get a little stuck in the make up rut sometimes.
The other product with aalot of hype in this kit is the Boi-ing Concealer which is an industrial strength concealer designed to completely camouflage any spots, dark circles and redness. The best part about the concealer in this kit is that it comes in two shades, the lightest is to be used under the eye to brighten that very dull area then the darker shade matches the foundation and with that shade you take that anywhere else that needs to be hidden away. This concealer really provides what it says it will I really don't want to touch any other concealer now because I don't think anything will compare.the coverage is immense it really covers up anything and everything which for me gives perfect security that my nasty break outs won't be able to break out from Boi-ing. 
The final product the "Hello flawless Powder" which matches the foundation and gives the perfect finish to your perfect complexion.
This type of kit is the perfect product to pick up if you want to try out something different without blowing your budget.
Emer X