Monday, 28 September 2015

My Go To Nude Lipsticks

Up until this year I've never bothered with lipstick it was really all about the eye make up for me, I just used to use a little lip balm and that was about it. But I came to realise that lipstick completes a make up look and allows you to experiment more. Personally I like to keep my eye make up quite dark and grungy so I lent towards the beige nudes at first as they're the most subtle and made me feel alot more comfortable when I was still a little unsure with the hole idea of wearing lipstick. I realized that I actually really like the look and so I decided to pick up more lipsticks ranging in different tones of the nude category.

These 5 below are my favourite nude lipsticks that I've picked up along the way.

¦Maybeline Tantalizing Taupe¦ 

One of the first shades that I picked up, it has a gorgeous satin finish and an extremely creamy texture which makes it so easy to wear and apply. The shade is a gorgeous subtle beige with a little pink in there aswell for good measure. I tend to wear this shade when I have really dark eye make up and I don't want to draw too much attention from the dramatic eye.

¦Mac Honey Love¦
Now this one has been loves very much as you might be able to tell. This really is one of the ultimate in lipsticks, I really love to wear this on its own or as a highlight fora brown ombre lip. Like the Maybeline one it's a beige with a hint of pink but this time it's a matt so it looks even more natural and subtle than the last. 

¦Essence Cool Nude¦
Now the other end of the price spectrum, this lipstick is super cheap but its such a good product. The lipstick has a really subtle sheen to it and it's really moisturizing and light on the lips. I just love the mink type colour of this one as its got a purple hue to it, It's a little darker than my other nude lipsticks but it creates such an interesting colour.

¦Essence Oh So Matt!¦
Another essence one as I think they're just fab if you haven't tried them I'd really recommend you check them out and they're only £2.30. This one is a more pinky peachy beige, it's really cute and really sets of a more girly look. 

¦Mac Velvet Teddy¦
I don't really need to go into much detail with this one I think EVERYONE has this lipstick by now. But it is the nicest dusky pink beige with a matt finish. I love to wear this when I'm wearing green on my eyes as I think the two compliment each other really well. This shade really is the ultimate as far as a natural looking lip goes.  

I really could list more but these five are my more go to shades  that I find myself reaching for more and more often.

I'm always looking for some new shades to pick up whats your favourite nude shade? 

Emer X

Saturday, 26 September 2015

ASOS Wishlist Styled

So yesterday I posted a ASOS wishlist were I included my key picks for autumn. I included some key trends within those pieces so I thought I'd show you guys how I would style those key pieces... enjoy!
¦ The Cape ¦


¦The Jumper Dress¦


The Leather Skirt & The Mac


I hope you've been inspired by these looks a little bit, my favourite is probably the last one as I'm really loving the whole simple chic sorta style at the moment. And I have sooo gotta get get shopper bag when I get paid.
Which was your favourite?

Emer X

Friday, 25 September 2015

ASOS Autumn Wishlist

As I've mentioned before I LOVE ASOS,  so here's my autumn wishlist. I usually keep it pretty monochrome but this time of year I love rust burgundy and khaki thrown in there too. 

¦ Jumper Dress ¦ Skirt ¦ Top ¦ Cape ¦ Jean ¦ Ripped Jean ¦Shirt ¦ Coat ¦ Bag ¦ Scarf  ¦

1¦IN LOVE with this jumper dress, its gorgeous and has a little nod to 70's trend while still being pretty grunge looking. I'd wear this beauty with some over the knee boots or some chunky flatform boots.
2¦ I've noticed every blogger seems to have one of these leather skirts and the trend seems to come round every autumn, so its a real investment piece.
3¦I have three forever t shirts and love them sooo much so picking one up in burgundy would be ideal for a/w.
4¦This cape just has that comfy effortless boho style that I think most people want to achieve. I love the pattern on this and it also has a hood... gotta love a hood.
5¦These jeans are going to be another great wardrobe staple for a/w they're literally everywhere and they go with everything.
6¦ I've been wearing this style alot recently as you can dress them casual or smart, with the rip detail these jeans create a edgy look with anything. 
7¦ I'm always wearing checked shirts and they're usually quite dark colours so I thought why not turn that around and pick one up in white.
8¦Again a piece that can be dressed up or down and a great piece for while it's still a little warm also I love the khaki colour its so complimentary with my mostly monochrome wardrobe.
9¦ This style of shopper bag seems to be cropping up everywhere, it has that gorgeous effortless chic style.
10¦ I recently picked up a gorgeous blanket scarf in grey, I think picking up this style in some more colours will be great to finish an outfit. 

What's your favourite from these picks? What are your key items for autumn.
Emer X

Thursday, 24 September 2015

New Hair - The Lob

 I've been thinking about changing my hair for a little while but I didn't dare because I've always wanted princess hair. I decided the princess hair isn't gonna happen any time soon because its quite damaged and my hair won't grow past the length it's been at forever.
So I'd been looking at different styles and I finally decided on a lob as I new I didn't want my hair mega short and so cutting it to medium/short length felt better for me. I tend to wear my hair more wavy recently so I thought it's pretty perfect style for me.

As you can see from the before and after photos I had a considerable amount cut off, the shortest point is at the back just after my neck. Then the length goes down towards the front very gradually and my hairdresser made is quite choppy so that there's alot of volume to the finish. She also cut it a little shorter than I originally wanted because my hair grows very fast, for a few weeks it'll be a little shorter than I originally wanted but I still quite like it right now as I feel the shape compliments the shape of my face. 

Every now and then I go through a faze where I feel like I really need to re invent my look, last year I got an undercut and dyed my hair blue and turquoise oh and i got a industrial piercing. So this year I've gone purple cut it shorter than I ever thought i'd have it and I'm seriously considering a septum piercing, because why not and they look so cool.  

So anyway ramble over, i hope you like the style and please follow me on Instagram to see what colour/style/piercing/tattoo i get next. 

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Missguided Boohoo & ASOS Haul

Hey guys just a little heads up, I have a new haul up on my Youtube channel. Who doesn't love a good haul :-) check it out below and if you could give me a subscribe that'd be awesome. 

Emer X

Tuesday, 22 September 2015


Purchasing this beauty is something I've been meaning to do for a long time. I decided that I would start to invest in a few higher end key make up products. 
As your foundation is such a important element to your make up routine I thought what better thing to pick up first than a great quality foundation. I've always heard alot of good things about Nars foundations and so I thought I'd check out this one as it's not matt nor is it a dewy finish so it would be perfect for any occasion and any make up look. Even on first impressions it looks expensive, from the packaging in a gorgeous sleek monochrome to the frosted glass of the foundation bottle everything is perfect.

One thing that's always put me off Nars foundations is the fact that you have to buy a pump with all the previous foundations but for this one they've now added a stick spooly so that you can apply straight onto your face or your brush from the bottle . I love this and I find it so use full, as I apply my foundation to the back of my hand and then apply with a brush so that I don't use too much on my face. 
The foundation formula is gorgeous I'd say it's a light to medium coverage which I really like as I am used to high coverage this is a really nice change for me and it is definitely welcomed. 

The foundation is so creamy and smooth to apply and gives you perfect coverage with a gorgeous subtly dewy finish.

The only slightly down side I've found to this foundation is that because of the finish of the foundation it does fade on oily spots sooner than the rest. it doesn't leave you super patchy and I think by over powdering those places I think I've managed to combat that problem.
Overall i'd say i'm really happy with this little splurge, and I definitly want to use more high end foundations in the future I'm thinking MAC studio fix and Laura Mercier probably next on the list.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

GOSH Amethyst Lipstick

I've told you all before that I  have a slight colour obsession with purple, I love my hair to match my make up I know it''s a little weird. So I've been searching for that perfect purple lipstick and came across this gorgeous shade my GOSH called Amethyst. Personally I'd call it Galactic as its so shimmery and glossy I've ever had a lipstick like it. I'ts a pink toned purple which makes it really wearable but combined with the ultra shimmer finish the I tend to wear it with a toned down eye look as I really don't want to over do it. Can we also take a moment to appreciate the super chic packaging of this lipstick, the slim matt black shell is so sleek with the GOSH branding in the middle. It makes the lipstick look so much more expensive and its quite weighted aswell which I love as it's alot harder to loose this way which I am terrible for.
I'd definitely check this one out guys because its so unlike anything else I've seen in the drugstore its so beautiful and shimmery perfect for those warm summer nights.
Emer X

Trend Alert ¦ Moc Croc Bag

 Moc Croc is a finish that I have been a fan off for quite some time. As my styles pretty grungy I love anything animal print in any form. I've always been more of a handbag type of girl too so as I've been wondering round the internet and moc croc bags just keep popping up every site I go onto. So below are my top pics that I have found so far.

¦ Bershka Basket Style Bag ¦ I love this bag as it looks alot more expensive than it is. The style is classic and simple chic, I think as gorgeous as this is perfectly couldn't wear it as it really doesn't fit with my everyday style. But I think if you were a smart casual type of girl, this is the perfect moc croc for you, AND its only £22.99 can't beat that really.

Pauls Boutique Ally Oversize Tote Bag ¦ I feel like this bag on the other and would be perfect for any occasion and it's pretty much that balance between smart and casual. This ones £75 and is obviously in the higher end but I'd say it looks like it's worth that sort of price.3

ZARA Croc and Chain City Bag ¦ The bag that every blogger and youtuber seems to have recently picked up. I really don't blame them it's such a nice classic and chic style with a more patent finish on the moc croc, just beautiful. This beauty is £89.99 and if I had that much lying round I'd definitely pick this beauty up.

ZARA Croc Pattern Messenger Bag ¦ Alot more reasonably priced again in that gorgeous burgundy colour. It's a quite cute messenger style with gold hardware. This bag is quite small for me as I like to carry aaaalot of stuff with me. But at £17.99 I think it would be a pretty nice going out bag.

Pauls Boutique Purses ¦ Pauls Boutique are really onit this season with some gorgeous bags and purses and these beauties are perfect. The finish and these purses is beautiful and they have gorgeous hardware and finishing touches.

I always think buying a nice bang on trend quality bag is worth getting at the start of a new season and it really sets you up for any outfit through the season.

Emer X

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Nude nails

I've always been the type of person who wouldn't be caught dead wearing a light colour on my nails. For me it's always been about the blacks reds and purples, but recently I took a leap of faith as I really wanted to try something different but without going for colour because as I've told you before I really don't do much colour. With that in mind I picked up a few nice pale nude shades and I have to say I'm really enjoying a nude nail.

My favourite out of these three is Grey Suede by Reckon which is a gorgeous subtle pink cream with a tiny amount of shimmer. I not only love this one for the colour but also for the longevity of the product, as you can guarantee It'll stick around for a good 5 days.

Another shade I love is Lychee by Barry M which seems to be one every blogger and YouTube have. I think this is because it's a pure cream nude colour that also gives a lovely gel effect when it's dried. Which I really like as it makes this really subtle colour a little more noticeable. But I have to say for my kin tone I don't think this is the best, I think it would look better on a fairer skin tone.

I also wanted to pick up a lilacy nude so I also got the Models Own Midsummer Mauve which is absolutely gorgeous. Its a really pretty lilacy beige grey colour. It's super subtle and has a really pretty shiny finish.

So if you see light coloured nails as a pretty girly thing you should definitely try out some nude shades. They look so chic and simple while still standing out really well to make a statement. The best thing of all is that as the colours are so muted and nude that you can barely tell when the colour starts to chip. 

Emer X