Sunday, 29 March 2015

L'Oreal Miss Manga Punky

Its a very rare occasion for me to be trying a new mascara  after I discovered Max Factors false lash effect I vowed to not touch any other brand. But as I have  been so pleasantly surprised by L'Oreal in every way I thought why not try this too.  I'd heard great reviews about the miss Manga original mascara so I thought why not go for the punky as its a little more intense rock n roll vibe which is a nice change compared to my usual volumised fanned out style that I'm so used to. This mascara makes for a really great statement as your lashes are lengthened full on black and spiky. The great finish is achieved by having a perfect long lasting formula and fantastic brush. The brush is quite large and holds alot of the product which is great as some it ensures that the product is transferred onto very lash. I have found this works best with my winged eyeliner looks as the two really complement each other and they're both very punk rock styles of make up so together they go so well.
So if your looking for a mascara that's a little bit different I'd definitely recommend this product its a seriously loud and proud mascara 

Emer X
Available at Boots and Superdrug for £8.99  

Noisy May Dress Styled

In love does not describe how I feel about this dress I am without a doubt purchasing this when I'm paid, but for now I'll just lust from afar. You may have seen this dress yesterday in my ASOS wishlist post and theres a few reasons I love this dress so much firstly the print is so gorgeous and ditsy it would flatter anyone. Secondly the print is of arrows and I am a massive fan of the arrow t.v show hence love for arrows. Next the dress would be so easy to wear and can be dressed up or down all year round. Finally its a smock dress who doesn't love a smock dress!
Okay so dress rant over I would personally wear this amazing specimen with a biker jacket as biker jackets go with everything and can be worn up or to add a 70's edge a fringed bag that's really loose and boho chic. Then a gorgeous pair of western style boots which I feel complement the dress really well and of course a fedora just because I cant accessorize without one now. To finish some lovely simple but effective jewellery a black nail varnish and a nice pinky nude on the lips.
Hope uou enjoy and I'll see you all next time I find something else to lust over. ✌

ASOS Wishlist

For those who don't know ASOS is without a  doubt the best online retailer around they have a massive range and a never ending catalog of brands which also feature on there site. As they have such an extensive range its so hard to only pick a few things so here's a pretty big wishlist but can you really blame me. 

 1. Top                                                10. Black Ripped Jeans                                             19. Boots
2. Crop Top                                          11. White ripped jeans                                              20. Rings
3. Kimono                                            12. Black Flares                                                        21. Shoes
4. Stripe Dress                                      13. Black Shorts                                                        22. Bangle
5. Lace Swing Dress                              14. Blue Short                                                           23. Bag             
6. Split Side Shirt Dress                         15. Dungaree
7. Print Dress                                       16. Plimsoll 
8. Shirt Dress                                       17. Flatform Sandal
9. Lace Midi Dress                                18. Watch 

I wan't kidding about it being a pretty big wishlist, my absolute favorites here have go t to be the mandala print top as I love this style because they're so easy to wear. then that amazing Kimono its a gorgeous statement piece and could be worn with absolutely anything. I love all the dresses but especially the print dress as I think this would be a great piece for a all year round worn up or down. Then of course look at those bell bottoms what can you say other than wow I'd wear these with everything crop tops, slouch tops and shirts they are so flattering you just cant go wrong. Lastly I am definitly getting that bag I love fringed bags anyways so the fact that they're everywhere at the moment heaven for me. Let me know what are your favourite items from ASOS, are you as obsessed with this site as I am ?
Emer X 

Friday, 27 March 2015

Mermaid Smokey Eyes

A slightly different tutorial today guys, I'm trying to work out movie make so I just put together this short video showing step by step how to achieve this look. Hope you enjoy let me know what you think. :)
Emer X


Bourjois Lip Velvet 2 New Shades

So by now you can all see I've gone from no lipstick to I want every lipstick, I know it's bad guys but oh well. I'd seen some good reviews about this product and so I thought I'd give them a go. The two colours I purchased are new shades just added to the collection Don't Pink Of It is the lightest pinky nude and So Hap'ink which is a lovely pink. 
When I first saw these in the store I thought they look good but then taking a look at the applicator I thought it was a lipgloss at which point I put them straight back. Upon closer inspection I found that they're a long lasting lipstick that dry matt and so I thought why not give them a try.
"Don't pink of it" my favourite of the two its a gorgeous pink nude with brown undertones, as I say it dries matt and looks amazing with all of my dark smokey eye looks. I think this is the perfect day to day lipstick as its such a lovely natural looking shade.
So Hap'ink is also a lovely shade, I'd say it has some red undertones within the pink which is really gorgeous particularly with a nice thick winged eyeliner. This shade is also a lovely day to day lipstick as its still quite subtle.
The best thing about this product is that the staying power is utter perfection as it's a long lasting lipstick when you apply the lipstick its wet but then it dries to a matt finish and stays that was most of the day. I would usually top up after around four hours just to give the colour more of a lift.
Definitely go and check these out guys they're fab and  a staple for any make up bag.

Emer X

Kill Star Styled

I thought I'd show you guys two pieces from Kill star's new collection and how I would style them. Kill star are a fantastic brand who've been around for a few years now, they bring together witchy cult goth styles to put out some gorgeous pieces. If you have a wonder around the internet you'll see alot of new brands and older brands mimicking Kill star's gorgeous designs but they were the first and so therefore the best.

Of course here the main feature is the dress, its just amazing. The attention to detail is perfection its a all over lace with the skeleton print overlayed on top of the lace. It's a really great statement piece for day or night. I chose to style it as more a day time outfit with a midi length cardigan and some platform chelsea boots I think it creates a flawless look. Then I added a fedora to add a little witchy vibe and a gorgeous studded bag and why not some black lipstick.

This  next look is also more casual, Kill star are doing loads of different slogan tops very similar to this at the moment. The shape looks great on and is flattering to any figure. As the top has quite a wide neck I wanted to take advantage of that and I put this bralet underneath that has a halterneck strap as I think it would look great showing through underneath the top. I love leather look leggings so I put them together with the top then I used these gorgeous lace up platform boots to add some goth chic. Speaking of chic this lovely structured shopper bag is perfect for that reason. Then some gorgeous cat eye sunglasses and a perfect red lipstick.
Let me know what you guys think
Emer X

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

MUA Matte Lipstick Lilac Belle


MUA Matte Lipstick Lilac Belle
This lipstick is well and truely a bargain so I just had to tell you guys about it. I've used quite a few mua products in the past and have not been disappointed so as i'm on a lipstick hunt I thought why not give this a go (also its purple so hell yeah). 
Firstly the packaging is gorgeous lovely and simple white with a flash of the lipstick colour at the bottom which I just love it really stands out from the rest of my lipstick collection aswell because of this. 
The pigmentation aswell is surprisingly good or £1 i gernerally apply 2-3 coats to get it pretty vibrant but its a really lovely pale purple with lots of pink undertones perfect for any look really.
Lastly the stayin power also really suprised me as it really does take alot of bashing and its still there. I'd say after around 2 hours your looking to top up but even so there's definitely still a vivid pink there too.
Overall I urge you to go and pick one up for only a quid this product is just fab.
Emer x

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Purple smokey eye with new products

Okay guys I now officially have a obsession with the colour purple and so I made a few new purchases (in purple) I thought I'd show you guys how I've been wearing them. 
 Firstly as I really wanted a nice and pigmented eye I used a white khole pencil and applied it all over my eye like you would use a primer.
 Then I took the seventeen purple eyeshadow on a fluffy blending brush into my crease and outwards. I really wanted to make this colour as intense as possible so I layered this quite a few times so really make it pop. I also applied that colour to the middle and outer of my lower lash line to help me out later on.
 Next I took a really nice lilacy pink glitter eyeshadow from one of my kat von d palletes and applied that allover my lid going into the inner corner and slightly onto my lovlwer lash line.
Finally I used the boujour purple eyeliner on my water line and I also took it slightly lower aswell just to add more intensity to the purple eyeshadow I had applied earlier. Then I took my usual black felt tip liner and did my usual flick making sure its at the right height to be blended in with the purple eyeliner on my lower lash line. And of course finish with mascara.

 Hope you enjoy and please comment and follow to see more like this :) see you next time.
Emer X

Friday, 20 March 2015

L'Oreal Infallible 24hr Matte Review

I love matte foundations and when I heard about this one I just had to try it out. I'm really impressed with the two products they work in perfect harmony together.
Firstly the primer, I'm not really one for a primer as I used one before and it didn't seem to do much so I just didn't bother. But this product is fantastic its a really smooth consistency and it has great coverage. I feel it makes a flat unpores surface for my make up to be applied onto.
Next the foundation with my perfectly primed base I'm all set to create a perfect matte base and thats exactly what this product gives. It has a really nice consistency not too thick not too thin. I would say the coverage is much of the same not too thick not too thin its fantastic.
The two products used together helps you to achieve a gorgeous matt base finish all day and for only £7.99 each they're a steal.
Let me know what you guys think have you tried these products yet?
Emer X

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Schwarzkopf Mind Blowing Products Review

I'd say mind blowing is the right description, never have I been more impressed with a product than this. Firstly the packaging on the bottle is beautiful it's a gorgeous turquoise and pink with simple symbols all over its really appealing and pleasing to the eye if this was on a shelf in a drugstore I would defiantly pick it up.
I love using mouses and hairspray as they hold on my waves pretty much all week, I know its also very naughty but I don't use heat protection spray very often but I really did make the effort here. All three products are fantastic they all have a fantastic texture that's nice and light which makes it unnoticeable when it's in your hair. The products all smells gorgeous they're a fruity and fresh smell which I personally love in my hair. 
The first time I used these 3 products it was with a blow dryer as suggested on the bottle and my curling wand and the product really helped me out as I was in a rush I needed to achieve a soft wave as quickly as possible.
The next time I used it I had a little more time and was able to to let my hair dry naturally and so I applied the mouse throughout my hair and then scrunched it in my hand to enhance my natural wave. Then I let it dry naturally and then went in with me Mind Blowing Hair spray. Both techniques worked really well and they held perfectly for days.
                            Emer X
I have been sent these products though being a VIP beauty tester with Schwarzkopf this is completely my own opinion I have not been paid to review only sent the products.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Missguided Top Picks For SS15

You find my anyone who doesn't love Missguided they're a fantastic website full of great on trend pieces at really affordable prices. It's defiantly my favourite online store and so I'm always checking what new arrivals they've had in. I thought I'd share with you guys my top picks its kinda a mixture of a few trends and styles lil bit 70's lil bit grunge but hey that's me all over.

Mom Jeans - I'd say mom jeans are still going to be big this SS as stores everywhere are still going all out styling them, I chose this particular pair as the rips add a little edge to any outfit and of course they're black.
Crop Top - Now I'm going back to my emo days where I would wear a bandanna attached to my jeans thinking I was so cool (really wasn't) but this is a little nod to that and I love the print and the fact that its a strappy crop top makes it even more fab.
Tassel Jacket - firstly I love Missguides suede biker jackets anyways but to add tassels to it as well well there's nothing more to do but throw my money at it.
Maxi Shirt/Dress - Fistly I love how they've styled it in the picture but I just love this I think it would be so versatile to wear and the print is really flattering and of course to my monochrome colour pallete.
Ditsy Dress - This is a great dress for mixing up pretty and grunge, the slip underneath has a lovely ditsy flower print allover and then an overlay of a mesh t shirt dress. This is a lovely combination and would be great in the summer. I'm hoping the overlay is detachable as it could be used in so many different ways.
Peep Toe Boots - Another style that is everywhere at the moment I like these especially as they're cut out at the back aswell which adds something a little bit different to it aswell. I think these would look great with everything jeans trousers dresses the possibilities are endless here.

Let me know what you think which are your fav's
Emer X

Friday, 13 March 2015

Quick silver smokey eye

 Today I'm just going to talk you through this

really quick and easy look I've done today. Firstly I used the Max Factor Wild Shadow Eyeshadow Pencil in Silver allover my lid and lower lash line. Then I took a black on a fluffy blending brush and took that into my crease and into my outer corner, blending this as I go to create a nice smokey look. Then I that black on a small flat brush and took that along my lower lash line and blending it into the silver which was applied earlier,

Next I applied my usual black eyeliner in a wing cat eye style of course. Then to finish off some black mascara and some black kohl eyeliner to go in my water line. I really like this look and its so quick and easy something to throw on when our in a rush.
Let me know what you think ?
Emer X

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Cailyn Gelux Eyebrow - Stepping up my brow game

Up until a few months ago I really didn't bother with my eyebrows for the simple fact that I have quite thick and full brows anyways so I didn't see it to be necessary. But then after seeing every blogger and youtuber doing them I thought alright then I'll give it go at first I was just using a small liner brush and a dark brown eye shadow but oooh not any more. 
I picked this product out of for my love me beauty box and I am so glad I did. The whole product is just fantastic the shape is lovely and it keeps all the contents together the first being the brush this is inside the lid it has a lovely curved point to to it as it which is great for application as it doesn't give that dead square look that I know some people love but personally I don't it just looks unnatural. Then you screw off the lid and inside we have the gel which is in the colour espresso which is a lovely dark brown perfect for my colouring.
The application is great too obviously I used the built in brush to apply and I made sure I used the thickness of the brush as my guide in the thicker parts then after my arch I used the nib to apply the rest. Overall I couldn't be more impressed and how much I paid aswell is the icing on the cake.
You could buy it from Cailyn themselves for £22 but I brought mine through love me beauty which is a beauty subscription box where you can pick the contents from there list of products. I paid £8.49 for my box and couldn't be happier with it. So definitely check it this product and love me beauty out guys totally worth it and look how amazing my brows look now :o
Emer X

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Mom jeans styled

¦Jacket¦Top¦Jean¦Shoe¦Bag¦Nail Varnish¦Lipstick
Yesterday I purchased these gorgeous mom jeans so I thought I'd show you guys how I'd style them, you never I might even wear these for my first outfit post. I love the look of mom jeans especially with a crop top so I chose this one from Long Clothing with the biker jacket would make a nice and clean look. I added the strappy sandals as heels are a great way to make your outfit a little more feminine. Then a lovely space age silver bag so add an extra touch.
Emer X

Saturday, 7 March 2015

First Love Me Beauty Box

I just wanted to share with you all the contents and lovely packaging of my first love me beauty box.
Firstly packaging is gorgeous its a lovely silver grey box with gold writing in the centre. Inside that lovely box you receive a card with card with the phrase "Inner beauty is great but a little make up never hurts" which is such a nice touch as well as being extremely true. Then my products came in a little draw string bag with the love me beauty branding again in the centre.
Inside that draw string bag there are my products, firstly two Cailyn products the first is a black gel eye liner a full size product which retails at £21. The other Cailyn product is a gel brow liner again full size which retails at £22.
Next we have an Organic Surge Skin Perfecting Face Polish which I'm planing to use as a morning face scrub and this retails at £6.99.
Finally two lovely Nails inc nail polishes in Howick Place and Bruton Lane, both of these retail at £6 each.

So all together this boxes contents are worth £61.99 I paid £8.49including delivery now if you ask me thatsamazing value for money. I will be doing individual reviews for each item so keep checking back guys and I'll see you soon.
Emer X

Friday, 6 March 2015

Double Wing

As usual I've just been playing round with my eye make up so today I attempted a double wing, I'd say not bad for a first try and it's defiantly something I want to refine more.
But here's how I achieved this look, firstly I created my usual soft brown lid and crease. I did this by firstly going into my inner corners with a nice matt cream colour. Then another matt taupe onto my lid going towards my outer corner I then blended this with the cream. Finally I added a light brown into my crease and again I blended it all together.

So with the eye liner I did my usual line following the natural lash line and then a nice thick flick. But this time I took the eye liner right into my inner corner and then carrying that line into the lower lash line. Then from that line I took it straight under the upper lash lines flick. I made sure that I made this line slightly shorter and thinner to make sure they are as defined as possible.
I really love this finished look as its something a little bit different. I can't wait to refine it more and   play around with some colour.
Emer X

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Denim Grunge

Two Looks Using Max Factor Excess Shimmer - Bronze

 I thought I'd show you two looks using the wonderful Maxfactor excess shimmer pot in the colour bronze. 
For this first look which is a more subtle brown and bronze eye, the first thing I did was apply the bronze allover my lid and my bottom lid using it as an eyeliner as well.
Next I took a medium brown eye shadow and using a fluffy blending brush I took thst colour into the crease and blended together the bronze and the brown.
Finally I took a brown felt tip liner and added a small wing to my lid.Then of course a little mascara and I also added a small highlight in a cream eye shadow to my brow bone. Then this is the finished look its a very mild look for me but of course still some blending and still quite a lot of eye definition with that beautiful bronze colour.

 This a look that's alot more me I applied the shadow all over as I did in the last look. This time I took a full bodied black and took that into my crease and out towards where my wing would go. This time I also took the black eye shadow into my lower lid as an eyeliner I blended that with the bronze so it fades really subtly . Then of course add my mascara and my winged eyeliner to complete the look.
 Hope you enjoy and feel inspired, also check out my review for this lovely product.
Emer X

Monday, 2 March 2015

H&M Divided Best Picks

I've always been a fan of h&m's divided collection it always really stands out above the rest for me and the majority is utter perfection and completely my style. I've picked out my favorite new pieces from their spring collection.  

Starting from the left I first chose this lovely lightly washed grey jeans with a high waist I think they would look great with some crop tops and creepers a great staple for your wardrobe.

Next up what looks like the most comfortable top ever, its made of a lovely light and floaty materiel and has a big hood and thumb holes = comfiest top ever.
Now I love divideds lightweight jumpers I think I have around four of them and this is 
exactly the same materiel as those but then it has a asymmetric hem I love this it looks fab.
Then this gorgeous little day dress with a  high neck and short skirt it'll be a fab wardrobe staple for spring summer with boots sandals anything.
Also I love anything with a collar so this next dress is a must its in a skater style and its made of a lovely stretchy cotton that is extremely flattering.
Now one of the trends for the summer the jumpsuit, cant go wrong with black I think this would be great for someone like me who's not sure about them. This would be a great starter for anyone defiantly going to give this one a go. 
This dress is gorgeous its a plain black mini dress but then has the twist of the fringing all over the arms, it's very reminiscent of a dress Killstar have done in the past but for a fraction of the price.
Ooo this jacket I am desperate for a new biker jacket and this is gonna be it. It has a funnel neck and it looks like it ooozes luxury I can't wait to style this.
Finally the leggings, now I used to wear leather look leggings constantly but for some reason I stopped. So to reintroduce I think these would look amazing, with a lovely long top and a denim jacket.

I love all of these shoes I think they'd be so easy to style as they're all timeless pieces and of course they're all in black. I am all about backpacks at the moment aswell so I'm thinking I might aswell get 1 in black and one in white. Lastly that little flower crown, very 70's very hippie but I love the fact that its in black... totally my style. 

In order left to right starting from the top.