Sunday, 31 January 2016

Perfect Lashes & Wing

If you've been following my make up looks you'd see that with every look I do I always finish with a wing and as I have pretty decent natural lashes I add little mascara. I really feel like I've now found the perfect products to achieve those finishing touches

Firstly you want an eyeliner to suit every purpose so no matter what style of wing you want you can achieve it. The Supercat eyeliner is completely worth sending the extra few pounds. With this there is a perfect pointed nib with the boldest black which are the two key points you need to achieve the perfect winged eyeliner. With the Supercat liner you are able to achieve the most perfect. Next you want the perfect mascara to give the perfect look. My favourite at the moment is the Tarte Lights Camera Action Mascara as it gives a huge amount of volume and lift which is really the best finish with a nice thick wing as you can see from the photograph below.

As you can see this combination is absolutely perfect as a day to day look and also as a night time look with a bold lip. So whats your favorite products to create this sorta look let me know in the comments because I'm always wanting to try new products.

Emer X 

Monday, 18 January 2016

Morgan Taylor Nail Polish ¦ If Looks Could Thrill

At the moment I'm really into my dark purples, red and blues for my nails, there's just something about this time of yer and jewel tones that just seem to go together in my head. So while I was at work one day this shade just kept catching my eye and I really couldn't help myself but to purchase this beauty.   

Definitly the most perfect jewel purple colour this is so complementary to my outfit, especially for the up coming party season. The purple has a gorgeous purple and gold shimmer all over but it is very subtle and only really shows up in the light. 
Morgan Taylor re  more high end nil brand that was originally aimed at salons and professionals but they have since branched out to the general public and have given us  chance to use the beautiful colours and fantastic staying power.
If you see this brand in a store be sure to check them out s the range of colours are perfectly on trend and everything from the packaging to the finish of the nails feels very luxurious.

Emer X

Monday, 4 January 2016

Top Make Up Revolution Products

Its a well known fact on this blog that I really love Make Up Revolution products, the value for money is really quite ridiculous and so I can't help but pick up pretty much everything they bring out. I've never been disappointed by anything I've picked up so far and I can't see that changing any time soon. Make Up Revolution pick up on the beauty trends of the season and what products the higher end brands are releasing and they create fantastic dupes for those products.

This is the newest addition to my collection its their newest eye shadow palette release and its gorgeous it has loads of perfect on trend autumnal colours and some great neutrals. They are extremely highly pigmented considering the  budget price tag at only 6.99 also the brush is pretty good too that you get inside the palette. I did  full review of this palette last week check it out here.

 I cannot rave bout this contour kit enough, I'd say its  dupe for the sleek contour kits as it has  contour  highlight and a  bronzer. I wanted a contour that would be more cool toned and ashy as I hate seeing people with bright orange contour. This is the perfect shade for me and its so buildable. As you can see I'm starting to hit pan its just that good of a shade I can wear it for my mood aswell. Most of the time I like a quite intense contour but on those days when I don't want to wear much make  up just a flutter of this on my cheekbones makes a hell of a difference. I also enjoy the bronzer and highlight in this palette but I find the bronzer  little too orange and the highlighter is a little too subtle for my taste, although I do wear it with a more no make up make up look.

 I'm sure you've seen everyone talk bout these highlighters but they are fantastic. The two shades I have are peach lights and pink lights. I have these two because I have a few different golden champagne highlighters but not many other shades so I went for these. The formula is so highly pigmented and they compliment my look. I tend to sway more towards peach lights at the moment as I'm wearing more rusty colours on my eyes. Although I love pink lights just as much with my cooler toned make up.

Finally the best out of the lot as far as I'm concerned, this product has saved my make up budget. I really got into the Soap and Glory brow Archery but at £10 a go and them only lasting me 2-3 weeks I needed to find a cheaper alternative.Well this is just that its the same if not better because of the price of only £3.50 its crazy. The felt tip and the crayon are just as precise and just as pigmented I'm now actually on my second one and by the looks of this picture I think i need  new one soon too.

 Seriously guys if you haven't tried out this brand before make sure you do you won't be disappointed. Have you got any suggestions for me for what you've tried out if so let me know in he comments, next on my list is definitely the primer.

Emer X

Friday, 1 January 2016

Yes to Tomatoes Daily Balancing Moisturiser

At the age of 23 I'm really starting to want to take more care of my skin. I've always had pretty good skin the odd break out or oily spots but that's about it really. Recently I've suffered a little with open pores and an oily t zone which has been affecting the way my make up sits and it's longevity. Now no girl can have her make up sliding off after a couple of hours so I took to the Internet to try and resolve this.

  I've heard about the brand Yes To here and there for a while now and I thought why not give it a try. I was attracted to this brand more than any other as they don't use harsh chemicals and 95% of the ingredients are natural, personally I'd like to leave of using chemicals for a few more years so that's why it stood out to me. I've been using the Yes to Tomatoes products as they're for combination skin and I think for my normal to oily skin it definitely does the job. I decided to just pick up the one product to start with and that is the day cream as I thought it should help out with the balancing of the oils in my skin over the day. That is exactly what I've found and I really can't believe how much better my skin looks and my problem t zone is pretty much barely there anymore which for me was the most important thing. As a side note aswell the smell, it's gorgeous it smells like fresh sweet tomatoes in a greenhouse but a little more dialed down obviously, it's such a gorgeous scent to really perk you up in the morning.  I'm really impressed by this brand and I definitely want to pick up some more of there products, probably a face mask and night cream next, I might aswell jump on the skincare wagon.
Emer x