Thursday, 30 April 2015

Blood Moon Jewellery

I may not have let on to you guys but I have a serious jewelry addiction since my emo days where I'd always wear all the bracelets I had on each arm, I'm glad to say my style has matured since then. Nowadays I love my chokers and witchy inspired necklaces bracelets and rings. 
I stumbled across this jewelry brand on the discovery section on Instagram and I love there stuff all the products are all handmade by a lovely lady called Leanne from Liverpool and you can really see the care that goes into the products when they arrive through your door.
My three products arrived within two days of ordering in the most gorgeous black and white stripe packaging with a little blood moon jewelry logo sticker closing them shut. Inside that gorgeous packaging was some little bags holding by lovely necklaces and choker.
The first being a gorgeous large crescent moon necklace shown in the first picture below. The necklace has a lovely antique feel to it which adds so much more detail to a simple design. The necklace is on a 20" chain which I love as it comes a little lower than a normal necklace so it's easy to layer up. Shop this product here 

Next is my favourite its shown in each picture. I love the design, it's so goth but not at the same time. pentagram necklaces have come a long way from what goth kids would of worn. With this one the pentagram is quite simple and small obviously so it looks quite subtle then it has a gorgeous small onyx on the end. The necklace is almost like a rosary bead style but smaller which is perfect for me because I went through I faze where I'd only wear rosary beads. Shop this product here

Finally I Also purchased a gorgeous little crescent moon choker shown in the second picture its a really cute and simple addition for layering or even on its own it looks great. For only £3 I might get some more symbols as they're a little bit different than a tattoo choker or the typical styles hat are out there. Shop this product here  

Please make sure you check them out all of the products are absolutely beautiful and they're extremely affordable.
Emer X 

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Bleach Bathing - my experience

When you say bleach to most people they shudder and tell you you'r hairs going to fall out, but I'm sorry as long as your careful there's no reason to not bleach your hair to achieve the desired colour.
I'm quite fortunate with my hair as it's quite thick and it can withstand alot of damage, as I've been playing around with my colour for a few years now I've come to understand how my hair reacts to different treatments and different brands.

That being said I used the Bblonde maximum blonding kit as I know that this works well on my hair and would usually lift my roots perfectly so I thought it should work for the rest of my hair too.

I'd read up a bit about bleach bathing I thought it would be a great way to lift my hair without really harshly damaging my hair, especially as I was originally thinking of just applying bleach all over my hair (I know bad emer) I figured this has got to be better.  The thing that really swayed me over was that you mix the usual amounts of shampoo and conditioner you would use to wash your hair with the bleach. So that's exactly what I did and its really changed to consistency of the bleach going from the thick mushy texture to a smooth silky consistency that straight away makes you feel better because you know its at least got a few nice things in there.

 So because I wanted my end result to be an amethyst purple into a lilac at the bottom I decided I would bleach bath the bottom twice once on its own and again with the rest of my hair. To this a separated the length left that down and tied the rest on top of my head to save for later then I just applied the bleach with my hands (wearing gloves obv) not being too precise but making sure each section is coated in the bleach then I wrapped it up in cling film and kept checking on it every 10 minuets to see how its coming along. I left it on for around 45 minuets then washed off very vigorously to make sure all the bleach was out. This first bleach bath turned my hair a lovely (not) mossy green colour which was delightful so obviously took to the next bleach bath straight away. 

This time I doubled up the quantity as I has really thick hair I used 2 boxes of the Bblonde kit and double the amount of shampoo and conditioner again not very carefully just apply allover my hair and leave wrapped up in some cling film again checking every 10 minuets.
This time it was left for around an hour overall but obviously alot less on the length as I saved that till last and below you can see my finished result. Which I am called the sea monster the colours are fantastically scary. We have blonde roots going into a moss green with turquoise highlights going into dirty blonde with a few light green bits.
As scary as the overall finished colour is I am happy with the results as it has lifted my colour from what was a very dark blue/purple to this lightened sea monster colour. Seeing as I haven't had to use a colour before or full pure bleach I'd say its pretty good results.
Let me know what you think, and let me know your experiences with bleach bathing.
There will be a follow up post to show you my finished colour.

Emer X

Monday, 13 April 2015

My New Day To Day Look

 You may have noticed by now that I pretty much always wear a dark smokey eye but recently I've really wanted to start dialing it down so that I could experiment with different colours and styles and even make myself comfortable wearing darker lip colours. This is a great day to day look especially for myself for a quick and easy look to wear underneath my glasses. It's a really gorgeous bronze look with a small stumpy cat eye and gorgeous spiky lashes. 

Firstly I applied a shimmery bronze shade all over my lid and into the inner corner and my lower lash line.

Then I took a bronze matt shade and took that into the outer corner and lid. I made sure that the matt shade overlapped onto the glitter blending them all together to create a soft transition.

Once that's completely blended together apply a cat eye keeping the wing really short and stumpy. Then apply some mascara, I used the L'oreal Miss Manga Punky to achieve this spiky lash.

Then I applied my new favourite lip shade which was in yesterdays blog post called "Cool Nude". The shade is a gorgeous purple toned brown which I think complements the eye look perfectly. Here's a look at the completed look.

What do you guys think of this new make up style for me, do you prefer the smokey eyes? Or do you think its nice to have a change?
Emer X

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Essence Nude Lipsticks

Essence is a brand that I've recently discovered, its a really great affordable brand with a really high quality extensive range. I've recently been after a few more different nude but I didn't want to pay the earth for them. So when I noticed these shades in my local wilkinsons for only £2.30 I had to pick them up.
They are both part of a new longlasting nude collection the lightest shade is called "porcelain doll" which is a really nice light pinky nude with specs of glitter. The second is called "cool nude" which is my favourite of the two as its a really unique brown with purple undertones.
For such a reasonably priced product they're surprisingly long lasting, I'd say for around two to                                                                                      three hours but even more with                                                                                        a lip liner.
I've used the colour "porcelain doll" as a top coat aswell as it's a really light pink glitter shade so with this on top of nude or pink shades it really adds some life and lift to any lipstick. 
My favourite of the two is without a doubt "cool nude" as its unlike any of my other lipsticks. It's a really unique shade and its really different for me which is great as I've really changed up my eye make up style when I wear this shade. I tend to go more towards bronze shades with a little brown and a wing eyeliner which is a big change from my usual black smokey eye. 
Essence products are defiantly worth checking out for such a reasonable price they're really worth checking out. 
Emer X

                                  Essence Cool Nude                              Essence Porcelain Doll

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Noisy May Kimono Styled

¦Kimono¦Top¦Jean¦Boots¦Bag¦Sunglasses¦Necklace¦Ring Set¦Ring¦Lipstick¦

I'm so unbelievably in love with this kimono by noisy may, I'm going to London in June and I'm after a few key pieces to wear while I'm down there. This is definitely one of those key 
pieces and this is how I would style it. Let me know what you guys think :)
Emer X

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

My Morning Face Polish

I can't even begin to explain to you all how much I'm loving this product. It was part of last months "love me beauty box" and I haven't stopped sing it since. The products is very similar to an exfoliate as it has that really work into the skin to really clear out your pores.
I like to use this is the morning as soon as I wake up as a morning cleanser as it really clears out any left over make up or skincare that may still be left over from the night before. 
As I said I really like to work this product into the skin to give my skin a lift and get it ready for the day ahead. I also love the smell as it has rosemary and lemon oil in it which is such a clean smell and quite uplifting, ideal really to wake you up in the morning.
The product really does leave my skin feeling so clean and fresh its absolutely gorgeous. I feel that in a lot of ways its also helped to hydrate and smooth my skin as I have a few dry patches on my neck and I think using this product along with a moisturizer has definitely improves those areas unbelievably.
I'd definitely say add this to your morning routine its a great product and if you want to try it out it#s still available to be added to your monthly "love me beauty box" which is also definitely worth a try.
What do you use in your skincare routine I'm always after something new to try :)
                               Emer X

Flares and Fringing

Check it out guys just a little outfit idea as flares and fringing is everywhere at the moment so I saw this dress and thought it looks so elegant for a night time look. Then a more casual look with more fringing and some gorgeous flares check it out guys all the links are below. 
Emer X

This Weeks Nails #1

I thought I'd start a weekly content which nail polish I've used and what I decided to do on them. I know my nails aren't the best size wise or shape but it's impossible for me to wear false nails doing the job I do, so I always try and make these stumpy things look as good as possible. It really does depend week to week of what I feel like so keep checking back to see what I come up with.

 This week I really wanted to explore how cocktail sticks work wonders to create different looks. I've got this gorgeous purple toned grey by Rimmel called "Punk Rock", I used that as the base I applied two coats of this to ensure I have a lovely even coverage. Then I waited to this to dry and then took a cocktail stick and my Barry M Speedy Nail polish in the colour "Lap of honour". I made sure there wasn't too much product on the cocktail stick and then gently dabbed the cocktail stick with the polish on onto the bottom centre of the nails being very precise as I go but also ensuring that I am making the spots as close to the same size as possible. Let me know what you guys think, I'm going to try and do a post like this every Tuesday so keep a look out.
Emer X

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Forever 21 Wishlist

Forever 21 is a quite new store for me, I only discovered it around a year a go and I am constantly on their site now looking for inspiration. I think its quite similar to h&m as they have on trend products at very reasonable prices. Here are my best picks and wishlist for Forever 21 take a look and let me know which are your favourites.

 1. Dress                           10. Grey crop top
 2. Playsuit                       11. Blue Shorts
 3. Stripe Dress                 12. Grey Shorts
 4. Split Tee                      13. Jeans
 5. Check Shirt                  14. Denim Jacket
 6. Shirt Dress                   15. Flatform Sandal
 7. Cage Crop Top             16. Bag
 8. Grey cardigan               17.Pointed Loafers
 9. Lace Cardigan              18. Pointed shoes

I'm really looking forward to summer now and I'm really loving all the gorgeous pieces for SS. Like that gorgeous little black playsuit it has a little bit of crochet at the hem on the leg which is gorgeous detail, I think this would be great in the summer maybe with that gorgeous grey cardigan thrown over. I'm also completly in love with the split side shirt dress this is definitely a summer piece for me with those grey shorts and some sandals it'll all work together so well. I also love the caged bralet, I'd like a few like this, this year all with something a little different as a main point of interest so I can wear them underneath plain black tops to give more detail to a boring outfit. That gorgeous bag has put me in a bit of a predicament as I was dead set on buying one from Topshop which is very similar to this but its a snake effect and only has 2 pockets on the front. Now I'm so confused as this bag is only £25 but the Topshop one is £34 and O know alot of the time your paying for the Topshop name but hey I like them both so I'll ponder on.

What do you guys think I get paid this week and I'm definitely getting one of them.

                                      Forever 21 £25                    Topshop £35

Emer X

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Ombre brows

Recently I've started to take more attention on my eyebrows as I realised it really does make a difference to the finished look. I've got blue and purple hair so I thought I'd match up my eyebrows to my hair for a subtle coloured brows.I was inspired to do this by alternative model Kristian Leanne who has done a ombre tutorial for thick brows so I thought Id show you guys how it turned out.

Firstly I applied my usual base then applied a few layers of foundation onto my eyebrows making them as light as possible. Then to lighten even more I added some concealer on top of that, this step is basically to make a light base to help the colour pop and help the eye shadow stay put all day. 

I picked a quite vibrant purple so I chose my 17 solo eye shadow which is really nice and pigmented.To make it even more bright  I wetted the angled brush.I think this also helped to create a smoother refined line.

Then I took the brightest blue on my Kat Von D Chrysalis Palette and I blended into the purple to create an ombre look by also doing this I made sure the colour became more and more intense.

What do you guys think of the finished look It's really subtle but effective I think it would look great with bright coloured eye shadows.
Emer X

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Primark P.S Love Liquid Lipstick

There has been alot of talk recently about how great Primarks P.S Love make up collection is and so I thought I'd take a look at these liquid lipsticks from that collection. The two colours I picked up was the nude and berry shades, I  really like there products and for £2 each they're pretty much a bargain for what you get. 
The liquid lipsticks when first applied are quite sticky but they have a lovely sweet smell to them, at first I felt this would b a problem but really the stickiness goes away after around 5 minutes when the lipstick has set. The product also has quite a shiny finish to start with but again as it sets this effect dails down a bit for a more natural finish.
The nude is of course my favourite of the two as its a very brown biege colour unlike anything else I have and the type of shade I've been after for a while. The berry is a really sweet colour kind of like a really ripe raspberry it's a great addition to my collection as again it's a shade I haven't got anything close to.
I'd say these liquid lipsticks are very similar to a lip stain/tint as you can see on the third lip picture the berry colour is definitely still present after a few hours which is great for me as I don't need to meas around with re lining my lips I can just top up and go.
I'd definitely say go and try these out for £2 they're a steal.
Emer X

Mermaid Shoes ASOS

Okay these shoes wow basically mermaid feet I mean how amazing are they, I'd keep it really casual with them and wear some mom jeans with rips in to really show the shoes o`ff. Then the crop top with holographic stripes adds even more mermaidy style to this. And again keeping it casual with a backpack and adding a few mermaid inspired jewelry pieces.
What do guys think about them I'm in love with them sooooo much
Emer X 

March Favourites

So I thought it was about time I did a favourites post so here we go these items are my March favourites. These nine items I've been using to death this month below I'll talk you` through why I love each product. I will also add links to all of these products so you can try them out if your interested.

1. Schwarzkopf Mind Blowing Hairspray - As a Schwarzkopf beauty tester I was sent a set of a few products from this range to review.My favourite from this range is the hairspray as its a fantastic product its a medium hold that's really long lasting and works fantastic to hold my curls in, I really haven't stopped using it. Here's a link to my full review on a earlier post.

2L'Oreal Infallible 24hr Matte Foundation - I truly love this foundation its obsaloutly gorgeous formular I love matte foundations and this product is spot on. Its medium to high coverage and it blends into the skin perfectly. So the colour match is almost there it's probably a little bit darker than my natural skin tone, but I personally like that as it's not too obvious and stops me from feeling too pale. Follow this link for my full review.

3Cailyn Gelux Eyebrow - This month I seriously stepped up my brow game I chose this product for my Love Me Beauty Box last month and I absolutely love it. It has the brow gel and the brush all included and they work so wel together, its really long wearing and a perfect colour match for me. Check out my full review here. 

4L'Oreal Miss Manga Punky Mascara - Another product which has found it's way into my everyday make up routine this month it just blows my old mascara out the water and gives a gorgeous volumised spiky full on black lashes. I posted my review of this mascara yesterday so check it out.

5Barry M Aquarium Nail Paint - So my other obsession this month has been purple everything so of course I've got to include this amazing nail varnish. At first when it's applied its a full on metallic bright purple called Persian then in different lighting it changes to a gorgeous bronze its a lovely effect and looks fantastic on.

6.Organic Surge perfecting face polish - Again this product I received in my Love Me Beauty Box last month. I've used this product every morning for the past month and I've really noticed the difference. It has lemon and rosemary oil which is really soothing on my skin, it also acts like an exfoliant as it has finely ground olive stones that really go deep into your skin. 

7.17 Solo eye shadow purple - Like I said earlier my current colour obsession is purple so I wanted to create more purple eye looks so I purchased this really high pigmented colour by 17. Its really nice and bright and great for creating new and exciting looks. I tend to use it the most in my crease and thin blend it out but it works with pretty much everything, I'm thinking purple and bonce now influenced by the lovely nail varnish from earlier. Check out this gorgeous look I created. 

8Bourjois Lip Velvet - I purchased two of these and I am very impressed but my favourite of the two is this colour called Don't pink of it its a gorgeous pink nude. I've been wearing it pretty much everyday and I love it as it really long lasting and its a perfect shade. Check out my review of the two shades here.

9. Cailyn Linefix Gel Eyeliner - Lastly another from my Love Me Beauty Box its very much like the brow gel from earlier everything is included and again its brush is perfect and the gel liner product is fantastic too. Its also long wearing and is made even better by the fact that you don't have to set it in place like some gel eyeliners. With this one once its on its on.

Have you tried any of these products what did you think of them?
Emer X