Sunday, 29 March 2015

Noisy May Dress Styled

In love does not describe how I feel about this dress I am without a doubt purchasing this when I'm paid, but for now I'll just lust from afar. You may have seen this dress yesterday in my ASOS wishlist post and theres a few reasons I love this dress so much firstly the print is so gorgeous and ditsy it would flatter anyone. Secondly the print is of arrows and I am a massive fan of the arrow t.v show hence love for arrows. Next the dress would be so easy to wear and can be dressed up or down all year round. Finally its a smock dress who doesn't love a smock dress!
Okay so dress rant over I would personally wear this amazing specimen with a biker jacket as biker jackets go with everything and can be worn up or to add a 70's edge a fringed bag that's really loose and boho chic. Then a gorgeous pair of western style boots which I feel complement the dress really well and of course a fedora just because I cant accessorize without one now. To finish some lovely simple but effective jewellery a black nail varnish and a nice pinky nude on the lips.
Hope uou enjoy and I'll see you all next time I find something else to lust over. ✌

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