Saturday, 28 February 2015

Band of Gypsies Dress

Another 70's inspired goth look for today inspired by this beautiful band of gypsies dress. It has so many great things going for it, firstly the shape is of a fitted smock dress nice and loose allover but then cinched in at the waist with a beautiful lace baroque print. Then it has a gorgeous bell sleeve with that same print all over that sleeve. Overall its just gorgeous and so to show off this amazing dress I put it together with a cropped suedette biker jacket an over sized clutch bag and those lovely caged platform sandals. Then to finish Kat Von D's Motorhead lipstick which is one of the darkest reds within that collection.

70's Goth

 I'm loving the fact that this Spring Summer is all about 70's trends, by far my favorite thing about this is flares.I even still have my burgundy Topshop flares from a few years ago when they were last all the rage, pretty glad I held onto them. So as much as I love this trend I still have to put my own take into it and of course as I don't do colour here's a few gothy vibe 70's inspired outfits to take some inspiration from. All the links to the items are below.

The real statement here is the flares from Gypsy Warrior and then to really accent these flares I paired them with a black crop top with lace edging just to add something different to it. Then a lovely black floppy fedora and some gothy jewelry. I added the shoes as there a great transitional piece half sandal half shoe. The other statement here is that beautiful bucket bag with suede and fringing its a real statement piece for SS this year. then of course no outfit is complete without some retro looking sunglasses from Zero UV and some lipstick I chose Kat Von D's Poe lipstick.
Nothing says 70's more to me than a nice smock dress with bell sleeves. This Motel Rocks dress is that perfect dress. Its really flattering and I think it would be great on anybody as long as your comfortable being a little boobie. So with a few simple accessories a gorgeous fringed clutch bag and a chunky platform court shoe. Then my favourite thing the moon long necklace as it adds a little something extra. Then make up wise a matte black nail varnish then another shade of Kat Von D's lipsticks I chose Wolvesmouth this time.

Hope your inspired by these looks let me know what you think
Emer X 

Thursday, 26 February 2015

The Body Shop Dare to Bare Lipstick

I've never really been one for The Body Shop simply because I've never really seen it as a go to store for cosmetics for me it's always been boots. But I had seen alot of good reviews of their bronzers and a few other bits so I thought why not. 
Today I'm talking about this lipstick as I am so impressed with it overall. Firstly the colour its a gorgeous nude brown shade great for a 90's look. I love this as its the exact colour I've been after for a while now. It doesn't have any pink tones in it and it has a little sheer to it aswell which I think gives extra deminsion to your lips given that its such a simple nude. I Think the colour will be so versatile as its so neutral it could be worn with a simple wing or a dark smokey look. 
The products staying power is pretty good I'd say a couple of hours then you should be topping up again. The lipstick doesn't claim to be long wearing so a couple of hours is expected really. 
Overall its a grest product and the perfect colour I'll definitely be trying more body shop products in the future, I'm well and truely converted.
Emer X

Monday, 23 February 2015

Dotwork Eyes

I really love to experiment with my eye make up be if with colour or how I do my eyeliner I try and do something different everyday.  Today I decided to do a play on a quite nutrul look but still adding something different.

So like I said I went for a more nutural look so the first thing I added a light cream shade to my inner corner.

Then I took a nude brown and swept that allover my lid. Then I took a blending brush and used a darker brown into my crease and into a cat eye.

To achieve that dot work eye liner the first thing I did was create a guide for myself. This is to achieve a more precise and symmetrical eye.

Then I simply filled in the gaps by putting tiny dots all over my eye going straight through to the middle obviously getting smaller as I went along. Then I just added a small thin line to my lash line.
Let me know what you think any ideas or suggestions would be great :-) 
Emer X


Looking forward

Top ¦ Jean ¦ Sandle ¦ Bag

Just a little outfit idea looking forward to spring summer this year, this will defiantly be a look I'll be into this year. Of course with the lovely pentagram print by motel rocks together with some ripped mom jeans. Also don't you just love those all black birckenstock style sandals. 

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Maybeline Colour Tattoo

So you may be able to tell by now I love this product. I've now created a few looks using them and they are so versatile its beyond belief. 
They are a cream eyeshadow that you can build and build to give instant colour intensity. But at the same time if you want to be more subtle then you can just as easily do that too.
Application is so easy as they transfer so well I just use my ring finger but you could definitely use a brush aswell, it completely depends on your preference.
Also they really don't lie it says 24hr and it means it, even when I've finished at work and my contact lenses have irritated me my eyeshadow is somehow still in place.
Make sure you check them out I'm already trying to decide which of the other colours I get next.
Emer X

Sunday Wishlist 22/02/2015

So I've told you all before how much I love Ark sooo yeah this weeks wishlist is all from Ark.
Emer X

Vintage Plum Eyes

   I have serious love for these colour tattoo eye shadows I'm definitely building a collection and so I wanted to show you guys how I've been wearing this beautiful vintage plum colour. 

 The first thing i did was apply the eye shadow all over my lid and going into the inner corner aswell. I just used my finger for this as you have to dab this product on to achieve the full colour intensity. I then used a small blending brush and applied a dark grey to the crease of my eyelid.

I then blended out that lovely grey with a fluffy blending brush to create a smokey cat eye.
To go with the wonderful vintage plum colour I added a dark plum matt eye shadow. with the same fluffy blending brush as the grey. This was the add a little more depth to the eye and it creates a lovely darker version of the original vintage plum colour.

Then to finish I added my usual wing eye liner and mascara. I love thee edition of these products not only to finish the eye but also to create more darkness and definition. 

And there we go my finished vintage plum look, I love these colour tattoo eyeshadows and I really cant wait to purchase more and create more looks for you guys using them.
Hope you enjoyed seeing my take on how to use them and let me know what you think.
Emer X

                 Products used on eyes
Kat Von D Chrysalis Pallete colours used hybrid moments (darkest purple on the pallete) and graphic nature.

Friday, 20 February 2015

Foundation & Base Routine

I wanted to update you with my foundation routine as I'm really loving it at the moment. I decided that the true match foundation was too thin and just didn't have as much staying power as the Max Factor face infinity. So saying that I went back to it. 

Maybeline cover stick - this is my first step as I always seem to have quite bad bags whatever I do and I like the fact that this product is quite thick and so its great for covering my dark circles or any lovely spots that have just come to surface.

Max factor infinity foundation- you may of seen me rave about this product before. It has so much staying power its unbelievable I cant believe how much is left over at the end of the day. The texture is quite thick but it definitely isn't cakey especially when I use my blending brush its so matt and so flawless.

L'oreal true match concealer - I use this as more of a highlighting concealer mainly to brighten my under eyes cupids bow and my nose. I do this as its an a lot lighter colour than my foundation colour so it sits really well on top of it.

Rimmel stay matte powder - as I really love the matt effect of my foundation I wanted a powder that will lock that in all day. This product definitely does the job I chose the translucent colour as I think my foundation is a pretty good match and I don't want to interfere with that. I apply it all over my face to create a gorgeous finish.

MUA bronzer -to add some definition to that base I apply this in a wonky letter three shape to contour. The three starts at the side of my forehead curves round my temple then onto my cheek bones.This adds shape to my face and shadow where I feel in necessary. 

Hope you enjoyed a little insight into the products I use day to day as part of my foundation routine.
Emer X

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Revlon Matt Lip Balms

So I'm on my quest to buy more lipstick I heard that these Revlon Matt Lip Balm are pretty good so I thought I would give  them a go.
First of all the packaging is beautiful its really smooth and I love how to colour of the packaging matches the colour of the balm.                              The very fist thing that you notice with these is that they have a lovely peppermint smell which is really refreshing and makes your lips feel tingly and nourished.                              The first colour is called Elusive which is a really nice perky pink colour that's really natural but still adds a little extra so for me its still very wearable with a smokey eye. The next colour Sultry is a pink brown which is very different for me as I wouldn't usually wear something brown toned. I thought this would be great fora day time look with a pretty brown eye and a wing. Finally the colour Shamless which is the exact colour I've been after. I fell in love with Macs Heroine and I wanted something similar. I have to say the balm is fantastic the colour is so pigmented and  gorgeously bright.

I definitely would recommend this product my lips feel like there being looked after and extremely luxurious .  They also have more in the same balm but with shimmer inside which they also have in a range of colours.
 Emer X



Dress¦Jacket¦Boots + Tights from Primark
I love monochrome so this grid check dress I thought was perfect for me, Its a swing dress with a crew neck which I am loving at the moment in any colour. So I paired this beautiful dress with my trusty biker jacket. Then my super cosy tights and my Primark flatform boots.
Emer X


Shirt no longer available similar

Very casual outfit today and given I'm a skater emo kid at heart I love a check shirt and skinny jeans. So today I digress back to 2006 with a black and white check shirt which I got from h&m last year along with my black topshop jeans rolled up the my ankle because I love that look. Then my flatform pumps from h&m to finish off. 
Emer X

Coloured Eyeliner

My go to eye liner is the Collection Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner I've been using it for a good 2 years now and I love them so much. So I thought I'd try there coloured eye liners too. They have brown teal blue and purple the colours are really pigmented but subtle, not the coloured eye liners of past were you would have electric blue eye liner and mascara. 
And so to do something a little bit different I thought I would combine two of the colours together and make an ombre eye liner effect. For me it made sense to put together the blue and the purple and then the teal and brown so here's how I achieved a nice and subtle ombre eye liner. 
Firstly eye shadow wise I put a nice light cream into my inner corner and then a lovely matt shade of light brown nude into the outer corner and crease. This is because I wanted to make a natural looking base for the coloured eye liner. The first colour I used was the purple I applied it all over the lash line going a little bit thicker.

Next I used the blue to make the wing and taking that blue very lightly into the purple giving definition to the line making it as straight as possible. To finish the look I added some mascara and black kohl to my inner waterline.

So up next I went for teal and brown,  I went for a similar eye shadow base to the last look but this time I put a little bit of dark brown in the crease and the outer corner. Then I went in with the teal all over my lash line and this time I took it all the way out into the flick of the cat eye.

 Then I went in with the brown starting on the flick that I already started I wanted to make it alot more defined and thicker. It's making a nice and straight thick line with the two colours really defined. Then I added some mascara and black kohl to my inner water line. 

 I really love both of these looks and I definitely think that its something I could use day to day I really hope you feel inspired to do something a lil bit different.
Emer X

Hair saviour

I have to say as of recent my hair is feeling very dowb in the dmps. I'm not sure if its the new way I've been styling it or the shampoo and conditoner but something is really depressing my locks. To be honest I do think its the shampoo and conditoner by lee stafford for haor that doesn't grow past a certain legnth. I really dont like it but I dont want to stop using it as it is doing the job and growing my hair. So I thought to contoract the feel of the lee stafford product I went back to my hairs best friend Aussie. I have say my hair really loves this brand everything I've ever used by them it just soaks it all up. What I really don't like about the shampoo amd conditioner is the way it makes your hair feel when its dry it just feels like it has millions of chemicals in it, which yes I am aware it probably does but I don't want my hair to feel that way. So I brought the Aussie hair insurence leave in conditioner and I spray that allover my hair especially in the ends and then comb through. This has really made a difference not only does my hair feel and look soft and smooth straight after washing, the look carries untill the next time I wash it as I really don't wash my hair that often (once or twice a week) this really is ideal. 
I also felt like I needed some deep moisture intp my hair so I picked up a 3 minute mirical again perfect does exactly what it says on the tin but I always use this for a around half an hour just because I feel it gives the product more of a chance to really get deep into your hair and really make a difference. 
So if like me your hairs feelin a little bit sad check these out they're definitely worth  it.
Emer X

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Monk Shoes Styled

A nice smart casual look using the monk shoes from my post yesterday. The Jamie jeans are the real statement along with the shoes put together with a classic white shirt and clean and simple accessories for a full on statement.
Emer X

Monday, 16 February 2015

Pomegranete Smoky Eye

I've really fallen in love with this product over the past few months as you may be able to tell I love a dark smokey eye, but with that I was getting a little bit bored of the go to colours that I had. I had seen alot of bloggers and youtubers raving about this product so I thought I'd give it a try. 
It really is a great product and they're no kidding when they say tattoo the product lasts all day with no smudging or loss of colour. The colour is so pigmented and its a lovely coppery red with small gold flecks inside. Check out below to see how I wear this colour day to day. 

Using the maybeline colour tattoo in I used my finger to patt it onto my eyelid and the inner corner too.

Then using a fluffy blending brush I added a light brown to my inner crease into a slight wing. I wanted to create a slight wing  as I will be adding liquid eye liner later on.

As I love a nice and dark eye I then added a black of a dark eye shadow with a blending brush just to give more definition and like I said more of a dark feel. I think the black really highlights the redy purple colour of the maybeline colour tattoo.

Also I used a small eye shadow brush with some black and brown eye shadow on my lower lid and lash line. Then I added some black eye liner and mascara to finish. 

This is one is one of my go to day to day looks I hope it inspires you to use these products and try a nice dark smoky eye .
Emer X