Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Cailyn Gelux Eyebrow - Stepping up my brow game

Up until a few months ago I really didn't bother with my eyebrows for the simple fact that I have quite thick and full brows anyways so I didn't see it to be necessary. But then after seeing every blogger and youtuber doing them I thought alright then I'll give it go at first I was just using a small liner brush and a dark brown eye shadow but oooh not any more. 
I picked this product out of for my love me beauty box and I am so glad I did. The whole product is just fantastic the shape is lovely and it keeps all the contents together the first being the brush this is inside the lid it has a lovely curved point to to it as it which is great for application as it doesn't give that dead square look that I know some people love but personally I don't it just looks unnatural. Then you screw off the lid and inside we have the gel which is in the colour espresso which is a lovely dark brown perfect for my colouring.
The application is great too obviously I used the built in brush to apply and I made sure I used the thickness of the brush as my guide in the thicker parts then after my arch I used the nib to apply the rest. Overall I couldn't be more impressed and how much I paid aswell is the icing on the cake.
You could buy it from Cailyn themselves for £22 but I brought mine through love me beauty which is a beauty subscription box where you can pick the contents from there list of products. I paid £8.49 for my box and couldn't be happier with it. So definitely check it this product and love me beauty out guys totally worth it and look how amazing my brows look now :o
Emer X

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