Sunday, 20 December 2015

Forever 21 does Star Wars

Unless you've been living on the moon for past year or so you would know that the next Star Wars film has just been released and I gotta say its fantastic. Usually I'm not a fan of stores collaborating with films and bands as I feel it can sometimes appeal to the wrong people who are glory hunters or fake fan boys/girls. But when a brand collabs to make pretty awesome fashionable pieces I tend to get pretty excited, as such with this collection.

So Forever 21 have teamed up with Mr Lucas and Star Wars to bring out a collection of merchandise referencing to the past movies within the franchise. Personally I love the graphic phrased tee as it just made me giggle and it would be so wearable for everyday. I also love with the LBD as it has all different little graphic helmets cross the front then "Empire 77" across the back which is just so cool. I can really see this on one those awesome anime inspired alternative girls that have that amazing effortless cool alternative look.

There re so many awesome items out of this collection i m definitely picking  few up, but they'd also be a great christmas gift for any nerds you my know. What do you think of this collection ? More importantly what do you think of the film? Pretty great right?

Emer X

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Make Up Revolution Newtrals vs Nuetrlas Palette

Looking at my eye shadow collection I seemed to be missing  few colours, mainly those gorgeous rusty copper tones that are really on trend at the moment. So I took to the internet in search of  palette to suit my needs, I found a couple but make up revolution always wins for me. This is make up revolutions latest release I tend to love any product that they release so I knew I was on to a winner. This palette has the perfect mix of warm tones and cool tones from rusts to create the perfect grunge look to gorgeous greige shades to complement a winged liner.

The palette comes in ultra sleek black and rose gold matt packaging which makes it feel alot more lux than it actually is. Inside there are 16 shades the top eight re the warm tones and the bottom eight are the cool tones. inside the palette there is a plastic sheet which has all of the eye shadows names printed on it. I find this a bit of  pain so I tend to throw it way but it is good to keep if you want to remember which colours you have used. Also included is a double ended brush which is surprisingly really good quality considering the price tag of only £6.99.

I found pretty much all of the shades were really highly pigmented and are really easy to work with when it comes to blending. For durability its pretty fantastic too as part of my general make up routine I tend to wear a primer as I feel it makes a big difference to your finished look and of course with the longevity I try and make sure sty put for  good eight hours and these eye shadows definitely do. Since I bought this palette a few weeks ago now I really haven't used anything else but that's purely because I only need these colours at the moment, there is something for every mood and occasion just the perfect collection really.

Bias - light champagne with pearly finish                            Cool - matte off white
Neutral - mauve light dusty pink with matte finish              Style - shimmery light pink
Personal - peachy pink with shimmer                                 Partial - shimmery dusty rose with foil-like finish
Vogue - coral pink with satin finish                                    Mode - bronzy gold with shimmery foil-like finish 
Trend - matte orange brown                                             Adapt - mauve light brown with matte finish  
New-Tral - deep berry pink with satin finish                      Buff - taupe brown with pearly finish
Tone - matte burgundy shade                                           Suit - deep taupe brown with satin finish
Custom - deep cool toned brown                                      Strong - matte black with burgundy micro-glitter