Friday, 31 October 2014

H&M Divided

Who doesn't love H&M its such a great shop especially this time of year in the Divided section . I especially love the H&M in Camden as its just a Divided store I literally want everything :)
That said I created this little biker chick outfit, the trousers are beautiful and will defiantly be getting those the detail is spot on.  Also the detail in the top is gorgeous the perfect throwing on top but still has a flare to it.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Pin up Punk - Attitude Clothing

Inspired by the gorgeous tartan Jawbreaker shirt, I was drawn to it because of how feminine the shirt looks even though its tartan this is helped by the lovely chiffon materiel and the awesome skull pattern on the back. The outfit is helped along by the leather look pencil skirt and especially those studded shoes (they also come in black). Finished with the leopard print bowler bag for an awesome punk clash.
All items from Attitude Clothing I will put all the links below
Shirt  Skirt  Shoes  Bag 

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Boohoo Halloween Outfit

Boohoo glam witch outfit started from the netted dress that is irresistible and I think its a great starting point, I think having the stripey tights really adds the edge to the outfit.

Obviously with a glam outfit like this you gotta accessories aaaand that's where we get a little bit more witchy. The hat and broom are a definite and why not going with a bit of green body paint and red lips.
Boohoo - Dress ¦ Boots ¦ Necklace ¦ Tights ¦ Bag

Claires Accessories - Witches hat ¦ Wig ¦ Nail Varnish ¦ Lipstick ¦Body Paint ¦Body Glitter
Fancy Dress Shop -  Broom

Monday, 20 October 2014

Gothic Inspired Office Outfit - New Look

As I'm in love with burgundy I created this lovely little outfit for smart day at the office.
It all started with the collared midi dress and stumbling across the duster coat and I just built upon that the accessories are very smart gorg altogether.
All the links are below all items are from New Look

Dress £19.99          Duster Coat £29.99  Shoes £24.99          Bag £29.99
               Watch £19.99         Hat £14.99              Earings £4.99     

Dr Martens Ebay Dupe

Late last year I brought some Dr Martens as I'm sure alot of people did I tried and tried with them and they would cripple me every time. My sister wears docs and she told me to persevere with them and they'll give sooo I kept going.They did not.. and so I decided to throw in the towel being someone who is used to ballet pumps or vans my feet just cant bare them. I still really wanted to pull off the doc look so I thought usually you buy shoes cheaper there less firm and give easier than authentic leather boots.
With that I took to Ebay and found a load of sellers with
some Doc dupes in a range of colours and they looked pretty authentic too. Being someone who is  obsessed with studs I found a gorg pair with studs and some seriously punk burgundy dupes too, here is a link to the 2 sellers I ordered from.
They both have free delivery and were less than £20 they are just fantastic looking. I'm a size 6 and I probably should of gone up a size for when wearing big socks but other than that they are perfect. The little pull tab on the back even has yellow stripes on it to look like the "air walk" writing which docs usually have. Pain wise barely anything the first time I wore them they rubbed a little bit and I got a tiny blister but second time round they were absolutely fine...thank god.