Friday, 6 March 2015

Double Wing

As usual I've just been playing round with my eye make up so today I attempted a double wing, I'd say not bad for a first try and it's defiantly something I want to refine more.
But here's how I achieved this look, firstly I created my usual soft brown lid and crease. I did this by firstly going into my inner corners with a nice matt cream colour. Then another matt taupe onto my lid going towards my outer corner I then blended this with the cream. Finally I added a light brown into my crease and again I blended it all together.

So with the eye liner I did my usual line following the natural lash line and then a nice thick flick. But this time I took the eye liner right into my inner corner and then carrying that line into the lower lash line. Then from that line I took it straight under the upper lash lines flick. I made sure that I made this line slightly shorter and thinner to make sure they are as defined as possible.
I really love this finished look as its something a little bit different. I can't wait to refine it more and   play around with some colour.
Emer X

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