Sunday, 1 March 2015

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Products

So today I thought I'd share my thoughts on these three products. They are a shampoo a conditoner and a leave in spray from the lee stafford hair growth collection. Like alot of people I have been trying to grow my hair to around boob legnth for a while now, my hair just refuses to grow past a certain legnth. So I saw this range and thought I'd give it a go. 
I haven't been completely blown away by these products nor have I been completely disappointed there just okay. I find that the shampoo and conditoner take alot of effort to wash out and even then you end up with some left over which obviously isnt't the nicest when your hairs dried. The other problem I have with the shampoo and conditoner is that you can really tell it has quite a few chemicals in them. It leaves your hair feeling very week which for me is not an option as I dye it all sorts of colours and bleach it. The best thing I've purchased from this range os the leave in spray, you spray it all over your roots and massage it in. When your hair's dry you cant really tell its there which is a plus as the consistency is so much water like its unreal. 
As far as hair growth is concerned its a werird one I was very spectacle as I'm currently trying to grow my legnth but also I'm growing out an undercut which I had last year. To be honest Ibwas a little convinced ot was all a placebo effective with the whole idea of it but I do think it made a difference with the whole head everyqhere Inmeedes it to.
So overall its okayish I thought think I'll carry on using the leave in spray as it doesn't interfere with my hair and it will still hopefully give my hair a growth spurt aswell.
Let me know whst you thought of this range how did you find it work for you?
Emer X

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