Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Schwarzkopf Mind Blowing Products Review

I'd say mind blowing is the right description, never have I been more impressed with a product than this. Firstly the packaging on the bottle is beautiful it's a gorgeous turquoise and pink with simple symbols all over its really appealing and pleasing to the eye if this was on a shelf in a drugstore I would defiantly pick it up.
I love using mouses and hairspray as they hold on my waves pretty much all week, I know its also very naughty but I don't use heat protection spray very often but I really did make the effort here. All three products are fantastic they all have a fantastic texture that's nice and light which makes it unnoticeable when it's in your hair. The products all smells gorgeous they're a fruity and fresh smell which I personally love in my hair. 
The first time I used these 3 products it was with a blow dryer as suggested on the bottle and my curling wand and the product really helped me out as I was in a rush I needed to achieve a soft wave as quickly as possible.
The next time I used it I had a little more time and was able to to let my hair dry naturally and so I applied the mouse throughout my hair and then scrunched it in my hand to enhance my natural wave. Then I let it dry naturally and then went in with me Mind Blowing Hair spray. Both techniques worked really well and they held perfectly for days.
                            Emer X
I have been sent these products though being a VIP beauty tester with Schwarzkopf this is completely my own opinion I have not been paid to review only sent the products.

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  1. THESE LOOK SO GREAT! I can't wait to try these!
    Hope you've had a great Thursday,
    Bethany x

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