Sunday, 20 December 2015

Forever 21 does Star Wars

Unless you've been living on the moon for past year or so you would know that the next Star Wars film has just been released and I gotta say its fantastic. Usually I'm not a fan of stores collaborating with films and bands as I feel it can sometimes appeal to the wrong people who are glory hunters or fake fan boys/girls. But when a brand collabs to make pretty awesome fashionable pieces I tend to get pretty excited, as such with this collection.

So Forever 21 have teamed up with Mr Lucas and Star Wars to bring out a collection of merchandise referencing to the past movies within the franchise. Personally I love the graphic phrased tee as it just made me giggle and it would be so wearable for everyday. I also love with the LBD as it has all different little graphic helmets cross the front then "Empire 77" across the back which is just so cool. I can really see this on one those awesome anime inspired alternative girls that have that amazing effortless cool alternative look.

There re so many awesome items out of this collection i m definitely picking  few up, but they'd also be a great christmas gift for any nerds you my know. What do you think of this collection ? More importantly what do you think of the film? Pretty great right?

Emer X

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Make Up Revolution Newtrals vs Nuetrlas Palette

Looking at my eye shadow collection I seemed to be missing  few colours, mainly those gorgeous rusty copper tones that are really on trend at the moment. So I took to the internet in search of  palette to suit my needs, I found a couple but make up revolution always wins for me. This is make up revolutions latest release I tend to love any product that they release so I knew I was on to a winner. This palette has the perfect mix of warm tones and cool tones from rusts to create the perfect grunge look to gorgeous greige shades to complement a winged liner.

The palette comes in ultra sleek black and rose gold matt packaging which makes it feel alot more lux than it actually is. Inside there are 16 shades the top eight re the warm tones and the bottom eight are the cool tones. inside the palette there is a plastic sheet which has all of the eye shadows names printed on it. I find this a bit of  pain so I tend to throw it way but it is good to keep if you want to remember which colours you have used. Also included is a double ended brush which is surprisingly really good quality considering the price tag of only £6.99.

I found pretty much all of the shades were really highly pigmented and are really easy to work with when it comes to blending. For durability its pretty fantastic too as part of my general make up routine I tend to wear a primer as I feel it makes a big difference to your finished look and of course with the longevity I try and make sure sty put for  good eight hours and these eye shadows definitely do. Since I bought this palette a few weeks ago now I really haven't used anything else but that's purely because I only need these colours at the moment, there is something for every mood and occasion just the perfect collection really.

Bias - light champagne with pearly finish                            Cool - matte off white
Neutral - mauve light dusty pink with matte finish              Style - shimmery light pink
Personal - peachy pink with shimmer                                 Partial - shimmery dusty rose with foil-like finish
Vogue - coral pink with satin finish                                    Mode - bronzy gold with shimmery foil-like finish 
Trend - matte orange brown                                             Adapt - mauve light brown with matte finish  
New-Tral - deep berry pink with satin finish                      Buff - taupe brown with pearly finish
Tone - matte burgundy shade                                           Suit - deep taupe brown with satin finish
Custom - deep cool toned brown                                      Strong - matte black with burgundy micro-glitter 


Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Bershka Biker Coat

Aaaah I love winter, chunky layers boots and the colour burgundy. Around this time last year I discovered the store Bershka and fell in love with there products. I've been after a biker style coat for a good while now and I've now found the perfect one. This coat is in the most gorgeous berry burgundy shade and then has faux leather details on the trims and sleeves. The jacket is  little steep in price but for me its completely worth it as its a perfect staple piece that is going to be worn extremely regularly. Also I think because of the style it can be dressed up or down and the pop of colour is really nice addition to my wardrobe as I'm usually pretty monochrome. If you've not herd of Bershka make sure you check them out you won't be sorry but your purse will.

Emer X

Saturday, 21 November 2015

What was in my Birchbox for November

I really wanted to show you guys what came in my Birchbox this month as I'm pretty excited about everything which I'm happy about as in the past I've been  little disappointed. So to receive so many good products this month I feel a little blessed and I thought why not show you guys what I received this time and maybe it will inspire you to get a Birchbox too. 

Firstly lets just take a second to appreciate the beautiful mermaid packaging which is thanks to Skinny Dip London who have teamed up with Birchbox this time. Along side the gorgeous box by skinny dip you also receive  £10 off voucher inside too which is a pretty nice little perk.

But anyway on the the products the first thing I pulled out was the lord and berry translucent lip pencil which is great as I've been meaning to try one of these translucent colours for a while now as you can use it with any lipstick and it wont have an effect on the lipsticks colour.

Next product is the Ren wake wonderful night time facial which is something I'm really interested to try As I really like the sound of it. With this product you apply it all over your face after you've taken all your make up off. Then pop your usual night cream or moisturizer on top of that and the product is supposed to brighten and revitalize your skin as you sleep. Now that's something I'm really interested in so I'll let you know how this one goes.

Now I really don't need another mascara but I did receive one in my box this time by the brand So Susan. The mascara is supposed to feather out your lashes while also thickening and volumizing them at the same time, as I said I really don't need  another mascara but I'm always willing to try out different ones.

It seems like I get something from the brand beauty protector every time and I really enjoy everything I get, this time its a body lotion that has a gorgeous subtle sweet scent and feels really luxurious to apply, its also its really hydrating perfect for cold winter mornings.

Finally a real luxury product from Delrom, it's the Creme Aquacomfort which is unlike anything else I've used as I'm pretty new to the whole skincare thing. I have to say I have really enjoyed this it has so many good ingredients that sooth my skin after cleansing and toning  and make me feel refreshed. 

As an added bonus you also get a beauty treat which this month was some lovely rose petal nail wraps that are pretty cool, I'm not sure if I'd wear these as they're pink and it's a colour I just don't do but I love the look and the idea of them.

I think having a Birchbox every month it something every beauty junkie should do s you get to try out So many different brands and products and some that you've never even pick on herd off. this time especially is worth it guys so definitely head over and pick one up.

Emer X

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Bershka wishlist

I discovered bershka round this time first year while I was in Berlin. I picked up the most beautiful biker style coat and one or two other pieces i have to say i really love there products. The brand don't have too many stores they seem to be in capital cities round Europe and online, hopefully they will expand more in the future but for now I like the fact that its in capital cites s i do want to work my way round Europe and of course there is always online.  

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Removing hair colour without damage

As you guys have seen over the last year my hair has changed every couple of months. I've gone from green to blue then to purple which is where I'm at now. 
I've now decided I want to change it up again, a couple of years ago I had my first experience with bleach when I did a ombre. It was not a good first attempt and it ruined my hair, the colour though was very nice but my hair just could not recover.
So i'd like to do an ombre again but this time an almost black from the root and then ombred into silver. But anyway I really don't want to do too much bleach bathing the achieve this look and so I looked into ways that I can lighten and remove my current color. 
The method that stood out best to me is mixing crushed vitamin c tablets with head & shoulders shampoo and conditioner and applying it all over or to the area you want to be lifted. I have to say I'm pretty impressed with the hole process and especially the final result. 

So I used two of the vitamin c tablets and ground them up into a powder. I then mixed those with the usual amount of head & shoulders that I would use when I wash my hair. 
As I only wanted to remove half of the colour in my hair I took the mixture all through my ends and then took it towards my ears as I'm using that as a starting point for the ombre. 
I then tyed my hair up and poped a shower cap on and left the mixture for two hours, you do sometimes get leeking from shower cap as there is a fizzing when you combine the mixture but don't worry t'd not damaging your hair. 
Once the two hours is up I washed it off and then applied a deep moisturizing hair mask just to help along any hair that may be struggling with the process. Also if you haven't got two spare hours you can also use your hairdryer on the area you want to lighten and the heat with help speed the process along.   

As you can see from the before and after photographs you can definitely see the difference, especially at the front. For some strange reason the mix works better mostly at the front of my hair so now my ends are all a mousy brown highlighted with lilac, which is actually pretty okay. I still have the same colour as before in from the root so I guess its livable for a week or so. I definitely found the more often you do this technique the better, overall I've done this three times and I really feel like now I am ready to get started with my new colour. 

Have you guys tried this technique, did it work out okay for you? I'm loving my results what do you think?
Emer X

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Kat Von D Beauty Wishlist

You guys might of realise by now that i'm pretty much KVD super fan, and I have been for quite a few years everything she does is so inspirational. She puts so much work and love into everything she creates. You really do see and feel that with her products. these beauties are just few of my picks that are top of my Sephora wishlist.


 Firstly I'm obsessed with one of her latest releases which are these the metal crush eye shadows. There are eleven shades in total and they're all gorgeous but these three are top of the list. The first shade raw power in the most beautiful burgundy shade, this is by far my favourite and looks so versatile. Then the copper shade is called synergy and the purple called danzig. The formula for these eye shadows is just perfectly pigmented and has really high colour pay off.


I'm really not one for neutral palette, I've not really been one for the naked pallets as I feel when purchasing  palette it has to be something really out there and will lend itself to lots of different looks. But this one has some gorgeous build able shades that I think would come in so handy. I already have a kvd palette and love the formula and pigmentation so with this palette being completely matt it is so versatile. I'm also really interested in the hole eye contour side of this being able to make my eyes look bigger is something I'm all bout.  


 I've recently decided that I really do love matt foundations, I've tried out dewy finish foundations and its just not the same. I think this is probably because of the style of eye looks I'm into I think it complements those sort of looks lot better. This foundation is high coverage which is another thing that draws me to it as I really do love a full coverage foundation.

The studded kiss lipsticks now I'm sure you've all heard alot about them, right now I only have one which is the shade lovecraft. i love everything about them the matt finish the smooth consistency and the colours are gorgeous. The colours top of my list are Piaf, Noble and Wolvesmouth, the first two are a full on matt but the third has some gorgeous flecks of glitter which just looks amazing and I really want to give that a try.

Finally there's these beauties from kvd's collaboration with sephoras x formula nail.polishes. The colours in the collection are to match the colours in her new metal crush releases. These two are my favourites but the I love all five, if I could justify it I totally would get them all.

So what's your favourite out of these or out of her collection?  Do you own any of these?  If so what are they like because I am soo putting a sephora order in soon.


Saturday, 7 November 2015

October Favourites

New videoooo guys up on my YouTube channel, this week its my October favourites, this is probably gonna be  regular video and in the future will include ore fashion and general items. I really hope you enjoy the video guys and please leave a comment let me know what you think.   


Thursday, 29 October 2015

My favourite autumn nails look

Here in the UK we are well and truly into autumn, it's definitely my favourite time of year style wise. I love the layering, wearing boots and most of all dark colours. As you guys know I like to keep my wardrobe pretty monochromatic, but this time of year I do love a pop or burgundy or khaki in there too. And as I like to keep things pretty matchy matchy I tend to go for darker nail colours aswell, specifically burgundy.

 My favourite two at the moment have to be Gosh Frosted Plum & Rimmel Black Cherries. Black cherries is the perfect burgundy colour not too purple not too red the staying power of this is fantastic it really is a great product and it's so reasonably priced at only £2.99. Then I've been wearing the frosted plum shade on my third finger and my thumb because I love that highlighted look and it adds something a little different. This ones a little more at £3.99 but its a really different shade definitely something a little different.

What's your favourite colour for autumn? Gotta love some vampy nails
Emer X

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Another make up video ¦ grunge copper eye

I know it seems like its all I'm posting at the moment, but I've really been making the effort to learn more about editing. I think I'm starting to get there with this grunge copper eye look. Let me know what you think?

Emer x

Monday, 19 October 2015

New Video ¦ Primark Autumn Haul

Hey guys I just wanted to let you know I've got another new video, a good old Primark haul... gotta love em. 
I'm posting more and more on my youtube now so please go ahead and subscribe.

Emer X

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Grunge Smoky Eye Look

I'm really starting to understand how to edit videos and how to make a more eye catching style. So here's a new grunge smokey eye look I've just added to my YouTube channel. This is quite a day to day look for me I really love the dark plum against the grey, it's a pretty cool look.

Hope you enjoy the style it's edited if you have any advice please let me know 
Emer X

MAC Burgundy Times Nine

I have to say I completely understand why everyone loves mac products so much and I think I am well and truly converted to higher end make up. If you think about it, it's better to spend a little more money on a product that really will live up the the hype that it is advertised. Rather than spending the same amount of money on lots of little cheaper things that might not even work as well.

Anyways let's start on the eyes, I chose out the burgundy times 9 palette because these sort of colours are completely my vibe at the moment and at £30 for nine eye shadows I'd say it's pretty good value for money. the palette is a mixture of mattes and shimmers which s great as your able to create so many looks using this palette. 

As i said there are nine colours starting with the lightest called "honey lust" which is a really nice highlight shade as its a peach with bronze shimmer, great for strobing.  Next there is Poppy seed which is mauve satin and Quarry which is a soft plum nude matte I love both of these as a transitional shade and also allover the lid when i'm wearing a thick wing. Next is one of my favourites of this palette its called Antiqued, and its a gorgeous dark bronze/copper shade that sits perfectly on the lid with any look. I think this sort of colour really complements my eye colour and so I seem to reach for this more often than any of the others.This next shade Embark is a welcome addition to my eye shadow collection as I don't have a brown like it. The shade is a really pretty matte warm toned brown which I've found to be really complementary to my skin tone and a really great shade for darkening the crease and outer corners. Next there's Noir which I really like as again I have nothing like it as it's a  dark black/brown with gold glitter flecks. Finally the more burgundy shades the first is Haux which is a rosy brown and the next is Star Violet I've been using this shade mainly on my lid as it has a shimmer finish is the most gorgeous rose colour. Finally there is Sketch which is a plum/burgundy with red glitter flecks this one is probably second favourite as it's such a dark and deep shade it can be so versatile. 

 I have to say they are gorgeous colours and I am so glad these nine are part of my collection, I would say they should of called it plum times nine as the majority of the shades are more plum than burgundy, but hey that's just a name. I am so in love with these and I don't think they're ever coming of my eyes... or at least until I  get my hands on the new Kat Von D palete.

Have you guys tried any of the other times nine palletes ? Whats your favourite mac shade? 
Emer X

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Free Gift @ M&S Beauty

I've been thinking about picking up a few pieces from M&S for a while now. I've been lusting over two products specifically the first being a lipstick by Diego Del Palma and the next being a Morgan Taylor nail polish. The incentive to make me finally purchase these products is that you receive a few beauty bag containing some pretty fantastic items.
All I had to do was spend £25 and I received eight items by Pixi, Eyelure, Diego Del Palmer, Autograph, Lola, Stila and Pur. This is to help promote all of the amazing new brands M&S have recently launched.

The first item out of my very luxe free make up bag is a Pixi brow powder palette, which is trio of colours in some really nice different brown hues to make a really defined brow with alot of depth and shadow. This looks like its going to be a nice product for a softer brow look.

Next up are some Eyelure lashes, which are a great brand I know everyone raves about this brand. Personally I've never even worn fake eyelashes but I really want to try some out. So these very natural looking lashes should be perfect for a falsie virgin.

A Diego Del Palmer mascara which seems like its going to be pretty good, the brush is nice and thick and has dips in it, which is perfect to make sure that every lash is coated.

Also included is an Autograph eye palette which is their own brand. The palette is really nice quality quite highly pigmented shadows in lovely warm brown tones.

 A really cute item from Stila next, it is lip glaze in a very pretty pink nude colour. I would use this just in the centre of my lip to add a highlight.

Then a lip liner by the brand Lola that's in a true red, I probably won't use this much I don't wear many reds but I think it' a good item to have in my collection.

Finally a sachet of the PUR colour correcting primer, which works out good as it's something I've wanted to try out for while. I'm just scared that if I like it I'll have to buy the full one. 

So I'd say for spending £25 and then getting this for free works out pretty good. I can't wait to try out some new brands and new products.

Emer X

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Sunday Wishlist - Forever 21

I really love this time of year, the layering, chunky knits, denim, leather, dark colours and of course BOOTS. One of the stores I really love at the moment is Forever 21 and these eight items are my top picks for this autumn.

1 ¦ Leather look trousers are everywhere this autumn, I've already got a pair that are biker style but I also want some that are just plain leather.
2¦ I don't know about you guys but I sometimes find jumpers pretty boring so I'm always looking for jumpers that are a little bit different. I love the added lace detail to this I think it'd look gorgeous with some leather trousers.
3¦ Now I'm really falling for shirt dresses and this one is perfect as I've been after a denim shirt dress and not in blue so with this being in dark grey, it is perfect for me.
4 ¦ I love this coat ! The coat is in a really gorgeous oversized look with a beautiful check pattern all over. I think it would make any outfit look effortless and add something extra when wearing a simple t shirt and jeans.
5 ¦ Who doesn't love a stripe dress, this one is charcoal and white and can be layered up for the season.
6 ¦ I recently got myself an a line leather skirt and love it, so why not get a skater style aswell.
7 ¦ Another staple wardrobe piece a slub style stripe top, simple, flawless style.
8¦Oh these boots, they just look gorgeous, I think they could be worn up or down and they look mega comfy. These boots would go with anything and they have a little grunge hint to them.

The dress and the jumper are a must have for me what are your favourites from these?

Emer X

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Make Up Revolution Brow Arch & Shape

I just had to tell you guys about this wonder product. I am well and truly in love. Recently I've been using products like the Soap & Glory Brow Archery which I do really like but it was really fustrating for me the product would only last a couple of weeks and at £8 a go that's quite alot of money to be spending on eyebrows. So with that in mind I had to find myself a more reasonably priced replacement. I knew that make up revolution are pretty well known for their dupes of higher priced products and I found this the Brow Dual Ultra Arch & Shape which I have the say it's pretty amazing, and its ONLY £3.50!

With this product it is double sided on one side it has a highly pigmented kohl pencil which I have been using to fill in and then. Then on the other side there is a super thin felt tip, which
 I really like as I'm able to give the illusion of extra hairs to 
give more interest and depth to my brows.

Using the combination of the two you are able to create a perfectly arched shape with definition and still a really natural looking finish. The biggest pro about this product is the fact that it's only £3.50 compared to  most products out there it really is a steal.

You guys have got to give this a try or let me know below if you have used it and was in love as much as I am. 

Emer X

Monday, 28 September 2015

My Go To Nude Lipsticks

Up until this year I've never bothered with lipstick it was really all about the eye make up for me, I just used to use a little lip balm and that was about it. But I came to realise that lipstick completes a make up look and allows you to experiment more. Personally I like to keep my eye make up quite dark and grungy so I lent towards the beige nudes at first as they're the most subtle and made me feel alot more comfortable when I was still a little unsure with the hole idea of wearing lipstick. I realized that I actually really like the look and so I decided to pick up more lipsticks ranging in different tones of the nude category.

These 5 below are my favourite nude lipsticks that I've picked up along the way.

¦Maybeline Tantalizing Taupe¦ 

One of the first shades that I picked up, it has a gorgeous satin finish and an extremely creamy texture which makes it so easy to wear and apply. The shade is a gorgeous subtle beige with a little pink in there aswell for good measure. I tend to wear this shade when I have really dark eye make up and I don't want to draw too much attention from the dramatic eye.

¦Mac Honey Love¦
Now this one has been loves very much as you might be able to tell. This really is one of the ultimate in lipsticks, I really love to wear this on its own or as a highlight fora brown ombre lip. Like the Maybeline one it's a beige with a hint of pink but this time it's a matt so it looks even more natural and subtle than the last. 

¦Essence Cool Nude¦
Now the other end of the price spectrum, this lipstick is super cheap but its such a good product. The lipstick has a really subtle sheen to it and it's really moisturizing and light on the lips. I just love the mink type colour of this one as its got a purple hue to it, It's a little darker than my other nude lipsticks but it creates such an interesting colour.

¦Essence Oh So Matt!¦
Another essence one as I think they're just fab if you haven't tried them I'd really recommend you check them out and they're only £2.30. This one is a more pinky peachy beige, it's really cute and really sets of a more girly look. 

¦Mac Velvet Teddy¦
I don't really need to go into much detail with this one I think EVERYONE has this lipstick by now. But it is the nicest dusky pink beige with a matt finish. I love to wear this when I'm wearing green on my eyes as I think the two compliment each other really well. This shade really is the ultimate as far as a natural looking lip goes.  

I really could list more but these five are my more go to shades  that I find myself reaching for more and more often.

I'm always looking for some new shades to pick up whats your favourite nude shade? 

Emer X

Saturday, 26 September 2015

ASOS Wishlist Styled

So yesterday I posted a ASOS wishlist were I included my key picks for autumn. I included some key trends within those pieces so I thought I'd show you guys how I would style those key pieces... enjoy!
¦ The Cape ¦


¦The Jumper Dress¦


The Leather Skirt & The Mac


I hope you've been inspired by these looks a little bit, my favourite is probably the last one as I'm really loving the whole simple chic sorta style at the moment. And I have sooo gotta get get shopper bag when I get paid.
Which was your favourite?

Emer X

Friday, 25 September 2015

ASOS Autumn Wishlist

As I've mentioned before I LOVE ASOS,  so here's my autumn wishlist. I usually keep it pretty monochrome but this time of year I love rust burgundy and khaki thrown in there too. 

¦ Jumper Dress ¦ Skirt ¦ Top ¦ Cape ¦ Jean ¦ Ripped Jean ¦Shirt ¦ Coat ¦ Bag ¦ Scarf  ¦

1¦IN LOVE with this jumper dress, its gorgeous and has a little nod to 70's trend while still being pretty grunge looking. I'd wear this beauty with some over the knee boots or some chunky flatform boots.
2¦ I've noticed every blogger seems to have one of these leather skirts and the trend seems to come round every autumn, so its a real investment piece.
3¦I have three forever t shirts and love them sooo much so picking one up in burgundy would be ideal for a/w.
4¦This cape just has that comfy effortless boho style that I think most people want to achieve. I love the pattern on this and it also has a hood... gotta love a hood.
5¦These jeans are going to be another great wardrobe staple for a/w they're literally everywhere and they go with everything.
6¦ I've been wearing this style alot recently as you can dress them casual or smart, with the rip detail these jeans create a edgy look with anything. 
7¦ I'm always wearing checked shirts and they're usually quite dark colours so I thought why not turn that around and pick one up in white.
8¦Again a piece that can be dressed up or down and a great piece for while it's still a little warm also I love the khaki colour its so complimentary with my mostly monochrome wardrobe.
9¦ This style of shopper bag seems to be cropping up everywhere, it has that gorgeous effortless chic style.
10¦ I recently picked up a gorgeous blanket scarf in grey, I think picking up this style in some more colours will be great to finish an outfit. 

What's your favourite from these picks? What are your key items for autumn.
Emer X

Thursday, 24 September 2015

New Hair - The Lob

 I've been thinking about changing my hair for a little while but I didn't dare because I've always wanted princess hair. I decided the princess hair isn't gonna happen any time soon because its quite damaged and my hair won't grow past the length it's been at forever.
So I'd been looking at different styles and I finally decided on a lob as I new I didn't want my hair mega short and so cutting it to medium/short length felt better for me. I tend to wear my hair more wavy recently so I thought it's pretty perfect style for me.

As you can see from the before and after photos I had a considerable amount cut off, the shortest point is at the back just after my neck. Then the length goes down towards the front very gradually and my hairdresser made is quite choppy so that there's alot of volume to the finish. She also cut it a little shorter than I originally wanted because my hair grows very fast, for a few weeks it'll be a little shorter than I originally wanted but I still quite like it right now as I feel the shape compliments the shape of my face. 

Every now and then I go through a faze where I feel like I really need to re invent my look, last year I got an undercut and dyed my hair blue and turquoise oh and i got a industrial piercing. So this year I've gone purple cut it shorter than I ever thought i'd have it and I'm seriously considering a septum piercing, because why not and they look so cool.  

So anyway ramble over, i hope you like the style and please follow me on Instagram to see what colour/style/piercing/tattoo i get next.