Sunday, 31 May 2015

Pretty Summer Lip Shades

Collection "Field Day" Matt Lipsticks

I feel like the colours I choose with my make up has become quite safe, simply because I know which colours I do and don't like so with that I decided to change it up a little bit. There is no better time than now to make that change, the days are longer the weathers slowly coming round to the idea of summer so why not.
I knew I wanted to get my hands on a really pretty pink shade and a coral shade but I didn't want to spend alot of money as I wan't sure how often I would wear those type of colours. I'd seen Collections "Field day" on a few blogs over the last few months so I thought I'd check them out.
The two shades I picked up were Rose and Tulip and they're both absolutely beautiful, the colour pay off isn't amazing but in all honesty I quite like that as the shades become almost pastel colours. I'm not sure if this was intended my Collection but I like them all the same. They're also matt which is my personal preference when it comes to lipstick, the formula for this is pretty good, although they are quite drying so it's a good idea to put some lip balm on before you apply them.
My favourite out of the two is definitely Rose as it's the most perfect pastel, pretty and girly pink which for me is seriously out of my comfort zone but I really weirdly like it, very disconcerting for a goth kid who should hate pink ;-) 
For only £2.49 each I wouldn't expect them to be the most amazing lipstick in the world but if like me you want to experiment with new shades these are defiantly worth giving a try.

Emer X

Thursday, 28 May 2015

My First Youtube Tutorial

Hey guys I just wanted to bring to your attention I have officially now started my Youtube Channel, I plan to post twice a week. The channel will be  a combination of fashion and beauty videos all done in my own special way. My first post is a Pink Berry Eye and Lip Look great for Spring and Summer, please check it out below or follow this link to take a look at my channel and subscribe.
Thanks for your support guys :)
Emer X

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Waning Moon Jewelry Peices

As I've let on before I really love my jewelry especially silver and especially semi precious stones, I stumbled across the brand Waning Moon on Instagram and instantly fell in love with most of their pieces.


For quite a while now I've been after some new rings to add to my collection. After seeing how affordable the items were I just had to put in an order. So a few days after that I receive a beautiful little package with all my goodies inside. All of the items came individually wrapped as shown in the picture and they also arrived with a care guide which is really handy and a business card with the brands lovely design on. Also the brand has included a discount code for my next order, which is really naughty but really nice ;-) 

 In total my order was for four items but as I spent over £20 Waning Moon also threw in a few few gifts too. The first item that really caught my eye was the Crytsallise Crystal Point Ring in Amethyst which is just beautiful, I love the size of the stone it makes the perfect statement for any occasion. The next perfect ring I ordered is the Hollow Half Moon Ring which was only £5 I can't believe how fantastic quality of this ring is for that amount, it is just like something you'd pay triple for from anywhere else. I also picked up a set of stacking rings, my favourite out of them being the two stone rings. They almost look like moonstones and I feel like all of these gorgeous rings all together look absolutely gorgeous together. Finally I also picked up a gorgeous Pyramid Bangle which is completely adjustable to sit on my arm. I love the detail on the Pyramid design it has a lovely etching detail all over the shape which gives a gorgeous finish.
As my free gift I also received a gold bow design ring and a "love" silver ring which I will probably wear but even if I don't I can use them in blog post photographs in the future.
Overall a fantastic brand with amazing attention to detail at really affordable prices, I'll defiantly be using that discount code and getting my some more pretty jewelry.
Emer X 

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Perfect Natural Looking Brows

As I've talked about before I really haven't paid much attention to my brows, but now I really have understood the importance of completing my look with some strong bold brows.
Up until recently I'd been using a brow gel which yes was very nice but it didn't give a natural effect which for me looked really odd and as if they'd been painted on. So I wanted to try something new ideally the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wizz but thats really not on my price range so I went for a drug store dupe of that product which is the Sleek Eyebrow Stylist.
As I have quite naturally thich eyebrows anyway I only really need to shape and fill in and so I found this product to work perfectly for that. The pencil part of it is not rounded it has more of a rectangular shape which I find really helpful. I can create a perfectly defined start and end point for my brows
brows with the sharp edges, then I use the flatter surface to fill my brows in which I feel really helps the finished look. 
On the other side of the product there is an eyebrow stylist which is extremely helpfull to use after applying the pencil as it brushes away any excess that may be clumping up the way your eyebrows naturally fall. 
It's a fab product thats really easy to use and gives a really defined sharp but still veru naturual brow.

Emer X

Reversed Coloured Eyeshadow Look

I first used a natural shade allover my lid and bottom lid. then I took a dark rose shade along my bottom lid such as like an eyeliner.

Then I took a really nice brown eye shadow with gold glitter in it and applied that all over my lid but just stopping before the inner corner.

Then I took a really pretty dark champagne shade into the inner corner that I had left out and I also took that into my lower lid slightly. 

Of course a cat eyeliner and mascara to finish of the look

There we go its a really nice simple day time look switching the colour onto the lower lid it really makes a different look. 

Emer X

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Mermaid Glitter Nails

I wanted to show you guys this really easy and pretty design I've had on my nails this week. I recently purchased Barry M's Amethyst Glitter and I absolutely love it, the nail polish base is clear but then it is completely packed full of blue, green, purple and silver glitter. The nail polish is great on its own but it is also really buildable as I will show you below. 

  I took the beautiful amethyst glitter along with my black Barry M nail polish and a clear top coat to enhance the glitter and to smooth the finished nails. Aswell as a sponge and some tin foil, the sponge is to make it easier to create a fading effect with the glitter then the tin foil is to dispense the glitter onto so you can just throw away the left overs after you've completed your desired look.      

Firstly I painted my nails with the black and used the clear nail varnish on top of that and then wait for it to dry. Once it's dried I dispensed the nail varnish onto the foil then dip a corner of the sponge into the nail varnish making sure I don't apply too much to start with. Taking the sponge I patted it onto my nails starting at the bottom and as less product is on the sponge I brought it further up to give a very gentle scattered effect. I carried on this effect all over the nails adding more and more to the bottom to add more intensity. Once that lovely glitter was applied all over to make sure you have an even and smooth finish I went back over with the clear nail polish.   

This is the finished nail polish look, its really quick and easy but gives a really nice and pretty effect.
Let me know what you think have you used this type of technique before? Let me know how you got on with it.

Emer X

FWI - I like short nails and I have no chance of wearing falsies because of my job so please no hate comments about how short they are :)

Sunday, 10 May 2015

My Recent Favourite Make Up Items

   I know I've not been posting as often recently guys and I'm sorry for that but I work full time and sometimes it's difficult to put out posts as often as I want to :-/ but I'm really working on that and hopefully I'm back in the swing of things now. So to get back into it I thought I'd talk to you about what are my current must have make up products and why I love them so much. Some are old favourites and some new purchases that have really impressed me so without further rambling check em out below.

L'Oreal Paris Infallible Matte Foundation

 I know alot of people are raving about this product but to be honest its rightly so. It's defiantly the cheapest foundation I've ever brought, for £7.99 I really wasn't expecting much but I was very pleasantly surprised. The product is fantastic coverage and is really long lasting which is perfect for me as I need a foundation to be durable. Personally I prefer a matt foundation like this one as I think it fits better with the way I do my eye make up as I like to make a point that I am wearing make up but not going too over the top with it. I had swapped back to my old one for a while as I had gone off this one but upon going back to it I've found it to be perfect. It's really buildable and blends nicely into your natural skin tone.  


                                                  L'Oreal Infallible Mattifying Primer
Until I brought this product I really didn't understand the need for a primer I thought My skin isn't very oily and so my foundation stays on pretty okay everywhere anyway. Oh I was wrong, I totally get it I have now tried this with a few different foundations and with each one I have had great results. The primer adds a smooth base that helps your foundation to sit in place all day and helps to create a perfect matt finish. 

NYX Eyeshadow Base 

As you all can see by now I love my bold eye looks and I'm always looking for ways to improve them. I purchased this fantastic product some time ago and never really bothered as I had chilled out my eye looks for a while and haven't really bothered. But I recently bought two eye shadow pallets to push myself outside my comfort zone and to give them a little lift I started using this product again. The eyes shadows have a great colour pay off to start with but by using this it gives an intensity that just couldn't be achieved without it.

Again a product that I really didn't feel the need to wear, until recently I only really wore bronzer on my cheeks as I thought it was the only thing that suited my skin tone. I found every blusher I tried was far to pink or far too red, nothing ever seemed to suit me.  I'd heard there were a dupe for the hourglass ambient blush which are gorgeous as they have a marble effect combining different shades which gives a gorgeous look on the skin. This really appealed to me but the price did not so I brought the beautiful dupe from Maxfactor in the shade Lavish Mauve which is a gorgeous dusky mauve with a lighter peach running through it which I love on my cheeks as it adds a subtle pink to the cheeks and then blends just as subtly into my bronzer. I've now added this to my everyday routine and would not be without it.

Soap & Glory™ Supercat™ Eyeliner Pen Carbon Black Extreme 

So for years I've always used the collection extreme 24hr eyeliner loved it always have always will. I have to say though by spending that little bit more you can really tell the difference. With the Supercat liner you get a perfect black colour pay off along with the perfect pointed nib. These two factors together help finish my eye looks perfectly every time, I'd say if you can afford it spend that little bit more and you would not regret it.


Maybelline Color Drama Lipstick

You would not believe how much of a lipstick collection I have now but I always sway more to the brown and nude shades. This pencil lipstick is a favourite at the moment as it's so easy to apply and wear. The shade is called nude perfection its extremely brown toned which is really great for a grunge look or even a Kylie Jenner look. It stays put all day which is why I love it s much as I really don't have chance to constantly top up my lipstick all day at work.

There we go I hope my thoughts have helped you out if you were thinking of purchasing any of these products. :)
Have you tried any of these products and what are your favourites at the moment let me know I'm forever wanting to try new products

Emer X

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Smokey Pink Eye Look

 With my recent change in hair colour I've been arming more towards pink and lilac shades on my eyes, I guess I like things to match. That being said I've been using these lovely shades to my favourite smokey eye looks.
I recently purchased two eye shadow palettes from Make Up revolution which I have used to create this look. 


Firstly from the Make Up Geek palette I took a really cute pink shimmer and applied that all over my lid and into my inner corners. Then I applied a peachy matt shade from the flawless palette on top of the pink to make that shade a little more subtle.

Next using a blending brush I used a dark pink into my crease going out into my outer corner. I made sure that this was nicely blended into the shades I added to lid earlier.

Now most people would leave it there and you could do that but I personally love a dark eye. so here I went into the crease and outer corner again with a matt black shade to enhance that shape and create more darkness.  

Of course finish of with some winged eyeliner and mascara to define that eye even more.

This is the finished look it's a gorgeous shimmery eye look with lots of shadow and definition to the eye shape. I would wear this with a pinky nude lipstick or even a shimmery beige. I hope you feel inspired and let me know what you think of the end result.

Emer X

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Make Up Revolution Eyeshadow Palletes


By now you should be able to tell I love playing around with my eye make up, but I'm pretty bored of the quite small array of colours I had so decided to pick up a couple of new palettes. Both palettes are from a brand called Make up Revolution which is stocked in Superdrug, I'd never had any of they're products before but I'd seen a few good reviews so I thought why not give them a go. The first palette called flawless has 32 shades mostly nudes in a mixture of matt and glitter which is obviously great for bending. The second palette is the Make up Geek palette with 36 shades again a mix of matt and glitter but with lots of bright colours to force me out of my comfort zone.

As I said this first palette Flawless is a gorgeous for creating that perfect nude smokey eye or many many other looks. There are plenty of matt beige and browns that are really buildable, along with some quite unique shades just to kick it up a knotch as well. I'd say the palette is 30% matt 70% glitter which for me is just perfect as I prefer a glitter for most of my looks. The pigmentation of the palette is pretty good too, obviously not perfect for £8, but pretty darn good all the same. I tend to use an eye primer with this palette just to make sure the full effect of the colour is achieved. I picked out four of the colours that most stand out to me, the first being a really prety peachy matt shade which I've found to be great as a highlighter or even allover the lid mixed with another colour like the next one I want to talk about. This shade is a pretty perfect dupe but in powder form of Maybelines colour tattoo in pomegranate punk but as a powder it is alot easier to create a smokey eye from it. Next we have a gorgeous gold glitter that I think will really stand out in any look day or night smokey or simple. The final shade is a gorgeous khaki green glitter shade which I love as it's not like any of my other eyeshadows. 

Next up is the 36 shade palette, this palette really stood out to me as it's unlike anything else in my make up kit. I really love how it has a wide array of shades starting and nudes and golds into brights into some gorgeous grey and black shades.Again I'd say the shades are 30% matt 70% glitter and again this is perfect as there are alot of different shades within the palette so it is so easy to build upon and create depth with these colours.
As you can see by my swatches the colours are extremely pigmented and what you see is definitely what you get with them.
Overall I'm really impressed with both of these palettes I think I will get alot of use out of both of them and keep checking back for more eye looks with these beautiful products.
Have you tried any make up revolution products let me know if there's any others I should give a try.

Emer X