Sunday, 1 March 2015

Garnier Micellar Water

Well bye bye face wipes, as I've mentioned before I'm really trying to step up my skincare. The first thing I did was say bye bye to my simple face wipes and I brought this product. I'd heard alot of good reviews about it and I thought this would really do me alot of good. The product is great, to me its basically an amazing quality face wipe in a bottle. I'm really impressed with how it makes all your make up disappear in a few wipes and as you can tell I like a really dark eye and even removing that really doesn't take much effort. Something thats always been an issue for me is panda eyes in the morning as my wipes would never fully fetch all my eyeliner or mascara off. Then I would have to use another face wipe in the morning to remove it all before I do anything. I really don't have that problem anymore this product is flawless. I also feel like my skin is alot happier fresher and cleaner after using this. So if you haven't jumped on the band wagon of micellar water yet please give it a try your skin will love u for it.
Emer  X

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