Saturday, 14 February 2015

Motel Pentagram Print

Everybody loves a motel rocks dress you really can't compare them to any other retailer, last year their sun moon and stars dress was everywhere. They do still have that dress online and as gorgeous as it is this is sooo me. Its completely monochrome geo print and very on trend while still being very grunge. 

The other great thing about Motel Rocks is that they like the use the same print on a few different items much like American Apparel do they see that if the customer likes a print and they want more there is a market for that. I've already ordered my dress and defiantly considering the skirt and crop top. I think those two will great as they can be worn separately or apart with a number of different tops or bottoms, defiantly some great investment pieces.
Please make sure you check back for how I style the dress.
Emer X

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