Saturday, 28 February 2015

70's Goth

 I'm loving the fact that this Spring Summer is all about 70's trends, by far my favorite thing about this is flares.I even still have my burgundy Topshop flares from a few years ago when they were last all the rage, pretty glad I held onto them. So as much as I love this trend I still have to put my own take into it and of course as I don't do colour here's a few gothy vibe 70's inspired outfits to take some inspiration from. All the links to the items are below.

The real statement here is the flares from Gypsy Warrior and then to really accent these flares I paired them with a black crop top with lace edging just to add something different to it. Then a lovely black floppy fedora and some gothy jewelry. I added the shoes as there a great transitional piece half sandal half shoe. The other statement here is that beautiful bucket bag with suede and fringing its a real statement piece for SS this year. then of course no outfit is complete without some retro looking sunglasses from Zero UV and some lipstick I chose Kat Von D's Poe lipstick.
Nothing says 70's more to me than a nice smock dress with bell sleeves. This Motel Rocks dress is that perfect dress. Its really flattering and I think it would be great on anybody as long as your comfortable being a little boobie. So with a few simple accessories a gorgeous fringed clutch bag and a chunky platform court shoe. Then my favourite thing the moon long necklace as it adds a little something extra. Then make up wise a matte black nail varnish then another shade of Kat Von D's lipsticks I chose Wolvesmouth this time.

Hope your inspired by these looks let me know what you think
Emer X 

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