Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Coloured Eyeliner

My go to eye liner is the Collection Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner I've been using it for a good 2 years now and I love them so much. So I thought I'd try there coloured eye liners too. They have brown teal blue and purple the colours are really pigmented but subtle, not the coloured eye liners of past were you would have electric blue eye liner and mascara. 
And so to do something a little bit different I thought I would combine two of the colours together and make an ombre eye liner effect. For me it made sense to put together the blue and the purple and then the teal and brown so here's how I achieved a nice and subtle ombre eye liner. 
Firstly eye shadow wise I put a nice light cream into my inner corner and then a lovely matt shade of light brown nude into the outer corner and crease. This is because I wanted to make a natural looking base for the coloured eye liner. The first colour I used was the purple I applied it all over the lash line going a little bit thicker.

Next I used the blue to make the wing and taking that blue very lightly into the purple giving definition to the line making it as straight as possible. To finish the look I added some mascara and black kohl to my inner waterline.

So up next I went for teal and brown,  I went for a similar eye shadow base to the last look but this time I put a little bit of dark brown in the crease and the outer corner. Then I went in with the teal all over my lash line and this time I took it all the way out into the flick of the cat eye.

 Then I went in with the brown starting on the flick that I already started I wanted to make it alot more defined and thicker. It's making a nice and straight thick line with the two colours really defined. Then I added some mascara and black kohl to my inner water line. 

 I really love both of these looks and I definitely think that its something I could use day to day I really hope you feel inspired to do something a lil bit different.
Emer X

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