Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Hair saviour

I have to say as of recent my hair is feeling very dowb in the dmps. I'm not sure if its the new way I've been styling it or the shampoo and conditoner but something is really depressing my locks. To be honest I do think its the shampoo and conditoner by lee stafford for haor that doesn't grow past a certain legnth. I really dont like it but I dont want to stop using it as it is doing the job and growing my hair. So I thought to contoract the feel of the lee stafford product I went back to my hairs best friend Aussie. I have say my hair really loves this brand everything I've ever used by them it just soaks it all up. What I really don't like about the shampoo amd conditioner is the way it makes your hair feel when its dry it just feels like it has millions of chemicals in it, which yes I am aware it probably does but I don't want my hair to feel that way. So I brought the Aussie hair insurence leave in conditioner and I spray that allover my hair especially in the ends and then comb through. This has really made a difference not only does my hair feel and look soft and smooth straight after washing, the look carries untill the next time I wash it as I really don't wash my hair that often (once or twice a week) this really is ideal. 
I also felt like I needed some deep moisture intp my hair so I picked up a 3 minute mirical again perfect does exactly what it says on the tin but I always use this for a around half an hour just because I feel it gives the product more of a chance to really get deep into your hair and really make a difference. 
So if like me your hairs feelin a little bit sad check these out they're definitely worth  it.
Emer X

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