Sunday, 1 February 2015

Bleach London Review

So I tried quite a few hair dyes to get the blue I was after I've been green turquoise light blue and finally I got ink blue whiiiich is what I was going for in the first place.
Out of the blue is my favourite blue shade I have used so far Because its a true dark blue. Its a purple blue and so when you freshly apply it its so rich and deep, its perfect. The colour does stay this deep blue for around 6 washes on me and if anything when it fades it just goes to a dark turquoise which to be honest looks pretty cool too :). 
Bruised Violet Is also a pretty cool colour and the second I saw it I thought yeah that'll go with my blue sooo that's what I did. I applied this to my ends to make a dip dye effect from my blue and it really does make a great look. The staying power of this colour is not as good in my opinion it definitely lasted alot less I'd say nice and bright it would only last up to 4 washes.
Overall the product is amazing the smell is gorgeous you really wouldn't think it is hair dye which is a treat given the usual smell of hair dye. The texture is lovely too it is wonderfully creamy and smooth its amazing so easy to apply.
There are so many colours to choose from these are 2 out of 12 available at boots please god try there products they are amazing.
Emer X

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