Thursday, 30 April 2015

Blood Moon Jewellery

I may not have let on to you guys but I have a serious jewelry addiction since my emo days where I'd always wear all the bracelets I had on each arm, I'm glad to say my style has matured since then. Nowadays I love my chokers and witchy inspired necklaces bracelets and rings. 
I stumbled across this jewelry brand on the discovery section on Instagram and I love there stuff all the products are all handmade by a lovely lady called Leanne from Liverpool and you can really see the care that goes into the products when they arrive through your door.
My three products arrived within two days of ordering in the most gorgeous black and white stripe packaging with a little blood moon jewelry logo sticker closing them shut. Inside that gorgeous packaging was some little bags holding by lovely necklaces and choker.
The first being a gorgeous large crescent moon necklace shown in the first picture below. The necklace has a lovely antique feel to it which adds so much more detail to a simple design. The necklace is on a 20" chain which I love as it comes a little lower than a normal necklace so it's easy to layer up. Shop this product here 

Next is my favourite its shown in each picture. I love the design, it's so goth but not at the same time. pentagram necklaces have come a long way from what goth kids would of worn. With this one the pentagram is quite simple and small obviously so it looks quite subtle then it has a gorgeous small onyx on the end. The necklace is almost like a rosary bead style but smaller which is perfect for me because I went through I faze where I'd only wear rosary beads. Shop this product here

Finally I Also purchased a gorgeous little crescent moon choker shown in the second picture its a really cute and simple addition for layering or even on its own it looks great. For only £3 I might get some more symbols as they're a little bit different than a tattoo choker or the typical styles hat are out there. Shop this product here  

Please make sure you check them out all of the products are absolutely beautiful and they're extremely affordable.
Emer X 

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