Sunday, 5 April 2015

Forever 21 Wishlist

Forever 21 is a quite new store for me, I only discovered it around a year a go and I am constantly on their site now looking for inspiration. I think its quite similar to h&m as they have on trend products at very reasonable prices. Here are my best picks and wishlist for Forever 21 take a look and let me know which are your favourites.

 1. Dress                           10. Grey crop top
 2. Playsuit                       11. Blue Shorts
 3. Stripe Dress                 12. Grey Shorts
 4. Split Tee                      13. Jeans
 5. Check Shirt                  14. Denim Jacket
 6. Shirt Dress                   15. Flatform Sandal
 7. Cage Crop Top             16. Bag
 8. Grey cardigan               17.Pointed Loafers
 9. Lace Cardigan              18. Pointed shoes

I'm really looking forward to summer now and I'm really loving all the gorgeous pieces for SS. Like that gorgeous little black playsuit it has a little bit of crochet at the hem on the leg which is gorgeous detail, I think this would be great in the summer maybe with that gorgeous grey cardigan thrown over. I'm also completly in love with the split side shirt dress this is definitely a summer piece for me with those grey shorts and some sandals it'll all work together so well. I also love the caged bralet, I'd like a few like this, this year all with something a little different as a main point of interest so I can wear them underneath plain black tops to give more detail to a boring outfit. That gorgeous bag has put me in a bit of a predicament as I was dead set on buying one from Topshop which is very similar to this but its a snake effect and only has 2 pockets on the front. Now I'm so confused as this bag is only £25 but the Topshop one is £34 and O know alot of the time your paying for the Topshop name but hey I like them both so I'll ponder on.

What do you guys think I get paid this week and I'm definitely getting one of them.

                                      Forever 21 £25                    Topshop £35

Emer X

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