Thursday, 2 April 2015

Ombre brows

Recently I've started to take more attention on my eyebrows as I realised it really does make a difference to the finished look. I've got blue and purple hair so I thought I'd match up my eyebrows to my hair for a subtle coloured brows.I was inspired to do this by alternative model Kristian Leanne who has done a ombre tutorial for thick brows so I thought Id show you guys how it turned out.

Firstly I applied my usual base then applied a few layers of foundation onto my eyebrows making them as light as possible. Then to lighten even more I added some concealer on top of that, this step is basically to make a light base to help the colour pop and help the eye shadow stay put all day. 

I picked a quite vibrant purple so I chose my 17 solo eye shadow which is really nice and pigmented.To make it even more bright  I wetted the angled brush.I think this also helped to create a smoother refined line.

Then I took the brightest blue on my Kat Von D Chrysalis Palette and I blended into the purple to create an ombre look by also doing this I made sure the colour became more and more intense.

What do you guys think of the finished look It's really subtle but effective I think it would look great with bright coloured eye shadows.
Emer X

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