Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Bleach Bathing - my experience

When you say bleach to most people they shudder and tell you you'r hairs going to fall out, but I'm sorry as long as your careful there's no reason to not bleach your hair to achieve the desired colour.
I'm quite fortunate with my hair as it's quite thick and it can withstand alot of damage, as I've been playing around with my colour for a few years now I've come to understand how my hair reacts to different treatments and different brands.

That being said I used the Bblonde maximum blonding kit as I know that this works well on my hair and would usually lift my roots perfectly so I thought it should work for the rest of my hair too.

I'd read up a bit about bleach bathing I thought it would be a great way to lift my hair without really harshly damaging my hair, especially as I was originally thinking of just applying bleach all over my hair (I know bad emer) I figured this has got to be better.  The thing that really swayed me over was that you mix the usual amounts of shampoo and conditioner you would use to wash your hair with the bleach. So that's exactly what I did and its really changed to consistency of the bleach going from the thick mushy texture to a smooth silky consistency that straight away makes you feel better because you know its at least got a few nice things in there.

 So because I wanted my end result to be an amethyst purple into a lilac at the bottom I decided I would bleach bath the bottom twice once on its own and again with the rest of my hair. To this a separated the length left that down and tied the rest on top of my head to save for later then I just applied the bleach with my hands (wearing gloves obv) not being too precise but making sure each section is coated in the bleach then I wrapped it up in cling film and kept checking on it every 10 minuets to see how its coming along. I left it on for around 45 minuets then washed off very vigorously to make sure all the bleach was out. This first bleach bath turned my hair a lovely (not) mossy green colour which was delightful so obviously took to the next bleach bath straight away. 

This time I doubled up the quantity as I has really thick hair I used 2 boxes of the Bblonde kit and double the amount of shampoo and conditioner again not very carefully just apply allover my hair and leave wrapped up in some cling film again checking every 10 minuets.
This time it was left for around an hour overall but obviously alot less on the length as I saved that till last and below you can see my finished result. Which I am called the sea monster the colours are fantastically scary. We have blonde roots going into a moss green with turquoise highlights going into dirty blonde with a few light green bits.
As scary as the overall finished colour is I am happy with the results as it has lifted my colour from what was a very dark blue/purple to this lightened sea monster colour. Seeing as I haven't had to use a colour before or full pure bleach I'd say its pretty good results.
Let me know what you think, and let me know your experiences with bleach bathing.
There will be a follow up post to show you my finished colour.

Emer X

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