Sunday, 12 April 2015

Essence Nude Lipsticks

Essence is a brand that I've recently discovered, its a really great affordable brand with a really high quality extensive range. I've recently been after a few more different nude but I didn't want to pay the earth for them. So when I noticed these shades in my local wilkinsons for only £2.30 I had to pick them up.
They are both part of a new longlasting nude collection the lightest shade is called "porcelain doll" which is a really nice light pinky nude with specs of glitter. The second is called "cool nude" which is my favourite of the two as its a really unique brown with purple undertones.
For such a reasonably priced product they're surprisingly long lasting, I'd say for around two to                                                                                      three hours but even more with                                                                                        a lip liner.
I've used the colour "porcelain doll" as a top coat aswell as it's a really light pink glitter shade so with this on top of nude or pink shades it really adds some life and lift to any lipstick. 
My favourite of the two is without a doubt "cool nude" as its unlike any of my other lipsticks. It's a really unique shade and its really different for me which is great as I've really changed up my eye make up style when I wear this shade. I tend to go more towards bronze shades with a little brown and a wing eyeliner which is a big change from my usual black smokey eye. 
Essence products are defiantly worth checking out for such a reasonable price they're really worth checking out. 
Emer X

                                  Essence Cool Nude                              Essence Porcelain Doll

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