Saturday, 2 May 2015

Make Up Revolution Eyeshadow Palletes


By now you should be able to tell I love playing around with my eye make up, but I'm pretty bored of the quite small array of colours I had so decided to pick up a couple of new palettes. Both palettes are from a brand called Make up Revolution which is stocked in Superdrug, I'd never had any of they're products before but I'd seen a few good reviews so I thought why not give them a go. The first palette called flawless has 32 shades mostly nudes in a mixture of matt and glitter which is obviously great for bending. The second palette is the Make up Geek palette with 36 shades again a mix of matt and glitter but with lots of bright colours to force me out of my comfort zone.

As I said this first palette Flawless is a gorgeous for creating that perfect nude smokey eye or many many other looks. There are plenty of matt beige and browns that are really buildable, along with some quite unique shades just to kick it up a knotch as well. I'd say the palette is 30% matt 70% glitter which for me is just perfect as I prefer a glitter for most of my looks. The pigmentation of the palette is pretty good too, obviously not perfect for £8, but pretty darn good all the same. I tend to use an eye primer with this palette just to make sure the full effect of the colour is achieved. I picked out four of the colours that most stand out to me, the first being a really prety peachy matt shade which I've found to be great as a highlighter or even allover the lid mixed with another colour like the next one I want to talk about. This shade is a pretty perfect dupe but in powder form of Maybelines colour tattoo in pomegranate punk but as a powder it is alot easier to create a smokey eye from it. Next we have a gorgeous gold glitter that I think will really stand out in any look day or night smokey or simple. The final shade is a gorgeous khaki green glitter shade which I love as it's not like any of my other eyeshadows. 

Next up is the 36 shade palette, this palette really stood out to me as it's unlike anything else in my make up kit. I really love how it has a wide array of shades starting and nudes and golds into brights into some gorgeous grey and black shades.Again I'd say the shades are 30% matt 70% glitter and again this is perfect as there are alot of different shades within the palette so it is so easy to build upon and create depth with these colours.
As you can see by my swatches the colours are extremely pigmented and what you see is definitely what you get with them.
Overall I'm really impressed with both of these palettes I think I will get alot of use out of both of them and keep checking back for more eye looks with these beautiful products.
Have you tried any make up revolution products let me know if there's any others I should give a try.

Emer X

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