Sunday, 26 July 2015

High End Make Up Shopping List

I really want to start to explore more high end products that a a real investment not just picking up what ever looks pretty at the drug store. That being said I wanted to show you guys what items are at the top of my high end shopping list. Also let me just say that I'm not sorry about how many Kat Von D products are in here because they're just gorgeous.

This foundation is top basically because of blogger Lily Melrose, firstly I love her anyways but her skin always looks beautiful and I know she favors this foundation over any else. Not only that I'm even more drawn to this foundation as its a great formula for photography which is a massive passion of mine. I really do prefer a medium to high converge aswell so this is my top must have really. 

While everyone else lusts over Mac I just want more of these bad boys. I already have one in the colour "Lovecraft" and they're so beautifully creamy and longlasting and they have the best colour pay off. That being said the two colours I'd definitely pick out Noble and Wonderchilde.

I am totally in love with this colour and I've seen alot of different nail polishes claiming to be petrol but nothing compares to this it's a really true petrol shade. It's soo beautiful but at £15 it's a serious treat. 

Something I've admired for a while but never picked up purely because of the price. But I totally understand the price because of everything you can achieve with this liner. The colour is a pure ultra black with the finest nib to give you precise application however you choose to use it. 

I know I've mentioned a foundation already but this is just unmissable, it's different to the first one as this is a more light to medium coverage great for summer. I think this would be a more day to day foundation given its coverage and as it's supposed to last 16 hours that works for me.  

I've recently tried a product very similar to this from the drugstore but I found that it really didn't last very long. I've heard alot of people talking about this brand purely because of this product so it's one of those staples you just have to try out.

Now everyone talks about the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit but I have to say the colours just don't appeal to me. That's wear I turn to this as I think the colours are really wearable and buildable and compliment any skin tone really well.

I have to finish with some eyeshadow and what better than these gorgeous ones by Urban Decay. As the name Moon dust suggests the shadows are all glitter based with amazing colour pay off. The shades that stand out the most to me are Intergalactic, Zodiac and Space Cowboy.

Emer X

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