Sunday, 12 July 2015

ASOS Acessorie Wishlist

I feel that when it comes to accessories, you gotta keep it simple and of course keep it monochrome. I've picked out my favorites from that wonderful place ASOS where you can literally find everything you want in one place. So some things are something I really need and others are just beautiful and I need them in my life.

Firstly let start with bags number 1 is my favourite as it's one of those bags that is really slouchy and has a effortless feel to it which I just love. Then to a more structured feel with number 15, everybody needs a bag like this in their life. This one especially as its hat happy medium between formal and a day bag and the fact that its black and white means it goes with anything and everything. Finally number four is a gorgeous simple structured backpack for those chilled days or even a festival. 

Okay first up are those shoes that everyone seems to have at the moment number two are the lace up flats. They're gooorgeous and I think this sort of style is gonna be around for a while so why not pick them up as an investment. Number six are something that I'd of never of thought about before but I recently picked up some sliders and I love them so much I need more so why not get some in silver? Number fourteen some beautiful smart casual flats that will look fab with any outfit any occasion. Finally my favourite is number twenty they look super comfy with a trainer like sole and they lace up at the front which is very on trend at the moment.

I love the wayfarer style of number seven and I love them even more because these ones are a matt black. Then for something a little different number eleven are so on trend and so cool and bohemian looking you just couldn't put them down. Of course the classic aviator on number 19 they are perfectly mirrored and the perfect size and look pretty sturdy aswell.

Now these two I've gotta pick up not only because they're beautiful but also because my current one is falling apart. But seriously I love the sleek simplicity of both the watches, one being black and one silver/holographic I just love so that I could change it up whenever I feel like. I definitely think the black would be worn more out of the two.

 I'm not gonna run through all of these because well look at them they're all beautiful I must have them all, especially that triangle ring and the three row choker. so so pretty and they'd all compliment any outfit. 

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