Monday, 3 August 2015

Lord & Berry Velluto Slate & Noble

As I've mentioned before I really do love Lord and Berry and I'm constantly looking for something new to try out. I picked up these pretty cool looking eyeliners from my Love Me Beauty Box this month and I'm pretty impressed. The two colours I picked up was Slate which is a really gorgeous medium grey and the other is Noble which is a gorgeous Damson shade which is really different for a eyeliner.

These eyeliners have been designed to be able to use them firstly as a liner but then also as an eyeshadow. This is achievable because on the opposite end you find a brush nib where you can smudge out your eyeliner to create an effortless smokey eye. At first I did find this quite difficult as the eyeliner at first was a little dry so it wasn't as smooth as I'd expected. But after a few uses the liner became alot easier to work with and now I find them to be smooth and creamy. Even though they are creamy the liners set really well, which was a little unexpected as I thought I may of had to set my look with some eyeshadow. Even more unexpectedly I found that the liners lasted all day without even the slightest top up the colour and finish was flawless.

I think the possibilities are endless when it comes to these liners, I really want to play around with a few ideas I've got flying around my head so keep checking back to see what I come up with.

Emer X

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