Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Festival Styling

Every blogger at the moment is posting what they've worn to whatever festival they've been to so far. Now I haven't been to a festival this year, I've only been to one festival and that was Download a couple of years ago. I did really enjoy it at the time and I'd definitely go another one but for me what really matters at a festival is the music so next time I go it would have to have a pretty good line up. So here I just wanted to show you guys what I would of worn if I had gone this year.

I new I wanted to wear this Metallica t shirt which I acquired from my boyfriend a couple of years ago. He wore it to death so it's got a really nice vintage feel to it which I love. Also the top is an xxl so its pretty much a dress on me so that's pretty much how I wear it. But I did pop a pair of blue denim shorts underneath just to preserve my dignity and to keep me warm. For shoes I went with my favourite boots from primark that are a chelsea boot with a flatform. They're super easy to walk it and sooo comfy perfect for standing up all day in a muddy field.

Just to keep me warn I also added a layer with this beautiful denim shirt from h&m that has a perfect white and grey acid wash all over it. The shirt is really light weight and soft so it's perfect to keep nice and warm as the day goes on and you wait for the headline act. Finally just to protect my hair from any rain i'd take a beanie like this one which I got from eBay for only a few pounds and its been one of the handiest buys I've ever made. I'd also take my leather jacket as they are a little bit shower proof so it may come in handy.

Also I've got to mention this necklace from asos as it hasn't left my neck since I bought it. Its a choker layered necklace with individual charms on each row which adds a cool boho hippie vibe to any outfit and I think it really helps to pull this outfit together.
Let me know what you think is this something similar to what you'd wear? What did you wear to a festival you've been?

Emer X


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