Friday, 3 July 2015

Benefit Complection Kit

Benefit are a brand where it seems everyone except me have used, so I really wanted to try them out for myself. As I wondered around Benefits very pretty website I found the "How to look best at Everything" kit so I thought what better way to test out some of the products that everyone harps on about.
In this cute little kit you get four sample sized products all to be used together to make a perfectly flawless complexion. The kit comes in three shades to pick from light, medium and deep, I picked up the deep and I'd say with all four products the light was the best choice for me as I'm not pale but neither am I tanned so it's an in between colour.

The first sample in the kit is a sample of the POREfessional which I have wanted to get my hands on for quite some time as this is something I've seen EVERYONE talk about it.  It is a primer that minimizes the appearance of your pores so that yo have a nice and smooth base to build upon. I don't really have that many problem pore areas just mainly the usual places around my nose and smile lines like most people really. So I thought I will only use the POREfessional on these problem areas mainly to make sure that my sample last a while but also to make sure I get the full effect from the product. I really feel like I have just that, this primer really does make a difference. I no longer feel like my skin in exposed only that it is a soft and smooth base for my foundation and concealer to sit upon.

Next in the set is the Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation which is something I hadn't heard much about but I gotta say I like it. It is a brightening foundation which is great as its so unlike my usual matt foundations I always seem to hover around. The foundation has quite a light coverage which is perfect for summer as it gives a luminous and brightened finish. I really like this product purely because it's totally out of my foundation comfort zone which is great because I think we all can get a little stuck in the make up rut sometimes.
The other product with aalot of hype in this kit is the Boi-ing Concealer which is an industrial strength concealer designed to completely camouflage any spots, dark circles and redness. The best part about the concealer in this kit is that it comes in two shades, the lightest is to be used under the eye to brighten that very dull area then the darker shade matches the foundation and with that shade you take that anywhere else that needs to be hidden away. This concealer really provides what it says it will I really don't want to touch any other concealer now because I don't think anything will compare.the coverage is immense it really covers up anything and everything which for me gives perfect security that my nasty break outs won't be able to break out from Boi-ing. 
The final product the "Hello flawless Powder" which matches the foundation and gives the perfect finish to your perfect complexion.
This type of kit is the perfect product to pick up if you want to try out something different without blowing your budget.
Emer X

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