Sunday, 19 July 2015

The Diner

I decided to talk about something else on this blog that I am extremely passionate about, that being FOOD!

I recently took a three day trip to London with my partner, I'd seen alot of bloggers and youtubers raving about this place called The Diner that do the most amazing burgers, breakfasts and milkshakes in London so naturally I had to seek it out.
Okay so firstly there are eight of these places all dotted round key spots in London so you'd have no reason to not check it out anyways. But firstly we checked out Camden so why not try out the Camden restaurant too. The Diner is just off the main market street on Camden which for us was great as we just popped by in between shopping.

It had gotten to midday and the sun was shinning and you know that feeling when you just want the perfect classic burger, well we had it and we needed one. We sat down in these awesome little red leather seats surrounded by chilling music and lots of smiling happy people. I'd already decided I wanted a burger so I went straight to those on the menu and chose the "Grab Burger". The grab burger is basically 8oz of pure gluteny but in all honesty I didn't care. It had all the makings of a perfect classic burger, two gorgeous beef patties, US cheese, lettuce, pickle, burger sauce, mustard and ketchup. I'd say the only thing it was missing was bacon, because everything's better with bacon. The great thing about the burger itself was that they ask how you'd like it cooked and thinking about this carefully I asked for mine medium and I am so glad that I did. The burger oozed with meat juices covering my hands and covering the basket where my burger had been before. Being the type of person not to waste such delicious meat juices I thought quickly and grabbed a handful of fries and dropped those into the tray so that they would soak it all up, my god the flavour right there was perfection itself. 

As I said we also had a basket of fries to share, we opted for plain and I'll explain why in a sec. There was a gorgeous selection of toppings for the fries, the one that really grabbed me was the hanger fries but I controlled myself. I controlled myself because we also got a Oreo Milkshake each and I personally love dipping my salty fries into my sweet ice cold milkshake, there's nothing close to it. Especially when the milksakes that good, I've had alot of Oreo Milklshakes from all sorts of places but The Diners were so creamy soft and smooth they're like a dream. Other places never seem to get rid of all the cookie but hell yeah The Diner totally did it perfectly.    

This is by faaar my favourite place to eat out now, we even went back for a second go the next day for breakfast. Where I had the breakfast burrito and my partner had the lumberjack breakfast. Both were amaazing and completely kept us going all day. Also its a pretty hefty breakfast so The diner really think about you and they include a slice of orange, pineapple and melon on the side, which I found really refreshing after such a starchy meaty burrito. 

Seriously guys go ahead and check them out, perfection doesn't even describe The Diner.

Emer X

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