Sunday, 5 July 2015

Pure Skincare

I really wanted to jump on the band wagon of Liz Earle cleanse and polish but I'm sad to say that's just not in my price range. So I did a little research into finding a decent dupe and I'd say I've found one.  
This is is the Pure Skincare range that is only available at M&S they have a wide range of products but this one interested me the most as its a 100% natural hot cloth cleanser just like Liz Earle. I have really enjoyed using this product as its so soothing for my skin. Alot of the time I will wear quite heavy foundation so when it comes to the end of the day I just want to get into my pores and let them breath. This product does just that and I love it for that. The consistency is beautifully creamy and applies really soft and gently onto my skin, I like to make sure I'm working the cleanser into my skin so that the hot cloth can do it's job and get all of the dirt and old make up out of my pores. The scent from this product is gorgeous too as it's that really pretty clean flower smell the product has  Camelina oil, starflower oil, chamomile, geranium, petitgrain which obviously contributes to this gorgeous fresh smell. I really see the difference using a product like this makes, my skin feels like it has been lifted and it feels so clean and fresh its unbelievable especially as your talking to someone who only used face wipes until a few months ago... I know very naughty. 

To finish after my hot cloth cleanser I use the toner by pure aswell and for a while I've been spectacle of why you HAVE to use a cleanser. I understand catching any left over make up but for me using this toner after my hot cloth cleanser is a godsend as it completely calms down my skin after using the hot cloth cleanser as it can leave some parts quite red which is rightly so considering you've just put a steaming cloth on your face.
I'd definitely recommend both of these products as they give you such a  high quality cleanse without paying out too much money. 

Emer X

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