Sunday, 5 July 2015

Does it come in black?

You may remember from a while ago now I posted a look and wishlist including a noisy may kimono well guys it went in the ASOS sale so i had no choice but to pick it up. 

 So from that this outfit is head to toe black as I really want to the kimono to do the talking. Keeping it basic I wore my ASOS forever t shirt as its really loose and can b worn with ANYTHING. Then I wore my favourite black shorts which I cut myself from an old pair of jeans. I've always done this since my emo kid days all those years ago. The kimono is just as gorgeous as I thought it would be the chiffon material feels so luxurious. The dainty sun and moon symbols give a lift to any outfit as they're really subtle but you can still make a statement. I also like that its a midi length as I feel it's wearable for any occasion here I'm just going out for some drinks with friends in the beautiful summer sun. I finished the outfit with my Kurt Giger western boots which I just love and I'm gonna talk about them in an upcoming post.

So this is my first outfit post guys and I hope you like it, I'm not the skinniest of people so I've found it hard to get the confidence to put something up like this but I want to push myself so why not.  
Btw sorry about the photo quality my proper camera wanted to die alot the day I did this.

Emer X

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