Sunday, 23 August 2015

My make up saviours

Its summer time and here in the U.K it's pretty humid and clammy I'm not saying that's a terrible thing but it is when it comes to your make up. I like to wear quite a heavy coverage foundation I've always been that way its probably an insecurity thing but hey ho. Every year I have the same problem of when its really hot and clammy my make up just evaporates. This year I decided to do something about that because it can b quite frustrating when I've put alot of time and effort into my make up that morning to see most of it gone by 12 o clock. The product that's really helped with this is The Body Shop Vitamin C Instant Glow Enhancer. I'd originally bought it to brighten my skin so that I could achieve a more dewy finish to my make up without having to change foundations. But I've found that this product also works as a pretty good primer. 

I think because this product is extremely hydrating and it has vitamin c in it I think it goes into your pores and helps your skin rather than clogging them up with silicon like some primers do. The Body Shop Vitamin C Instant Glow Enhancer is a gorgeous creamy consistency that smells of orange and has an orange tint too which I think is a little colour correcting as I have alot of redness around my cheeks and I feel this is made a little more even base to work upon. this product also brightens up your skin so much as when you apply it you achieve an instant glow. This for me was the original selling point and I'm so glad I picked it up as when you use this with a foundation with a dewy finish its definitely the perfect summer base. 

So by using the Vitamin C Instant Glow Enhancer I've created that perfect glowing base I do still have one or two problem pore areas that  still wanted to cover up so I used the Body Shop Instablur Primer which completely does the trick. I have quite visible pores on the sides of my nose and on my cheeks towards the centre of my face so I really like to blot those out so that my make up sits correctly. To do this I use a tiny amount of the product on those areas and it creates a perfectly smooth base that really evens up the texture of my skin ready to be built upon. I definitely want to pick up more products from the vitamin c range at the body shop as I think just by using this has helped my skin so much I bet the rest of the range will do wonders. 

Have you guys tried either of these products?  Do u recommend something else from that range please let me know :-)
Emer X

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  1. The body shop vitamin c glow enhancer had been on my wish list for ages now along with the moisturiser ! It sounds fab and perfect for the morning after the night before haha! Fab post :) xxxx