Saturday, 15 August 2015

Prezzo - My favourite Restaurant

Okay lets talk food again, as it really is my next biggest passion next to beauty and fashion. There are alot of different Italian restaurant chains all over the UK and I have to say I really love most of them butt non more than the chain Prezzo.
The first one I checked out purely by chance as we were wondering round the streets of Nottingham trying to find a nice looking pizza place, that's were we found Prezzo. From the first bite I fell in love and since then I've visited there restaurants in Manchester a few times and a couple in London too. 

Any chain that I discover I like to work my way around the menu as I am quite an adventurous eater I'll try anything that sounds good. My personal favourites so far has been, Il Carltoni Calzone, Prawn & Lobster VIP pizza and the one that I always go back to is the Spaghetti with King Prawns. Oooh the Spaghetti with King Prawns is just AMAZING firstly the spaghetti is cooked perfectly el dente which adds a gorgeous texture to the meal. Then around six or seven big fat juicy king prawns without any shells or tails just ready to go. Surrounding the pasta and prawns there is the most perfect tomato sauce with chili, red onion, spinach and garlic... what could  be better... what more could you want.

 The thing I love the most aout Prezzo is that the portion sizes are spot on for me. For some people they could be too big but for me if your eating out you want good value for money with the taste and a decent size portion, non of this pretty little fine dining.

Prezzo also Serve Peroni on draft which is always I winner for me but with my Spaghetti and King Prawns I do love a nice glass on Rose as the two compliment each other so well. The glass of Rose also comes in very handy when it comes to desert which for me is either the classic Tiramisu or the gooorgeous Chocolate Orange Slice. That slice is desert perfection, its not too heavy its ever so slightly goey and the flavors are spot on. I just could never contemplate anything else. 

Also there's always some sort of offer on 2 for 1 mains, free desert or starter, 20% off oh and if you sign up to there newsletter you get a free £25 bottle of Presecco with your meal in the month of your birthday. So seriously check it out they're literally all over the country I'm kinda glad there isn't one where I live or else I'd be sooo fat and sooo poor.

Have you ever been ? Let me know what your favourite is on the menu :-)
Emer X

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