Thursday, 20 August 2015

Naked Smoky Looks

As a little follow up to the post earlier in the week talking about the gorgeous naked smoky palette, I thought I'd just show you guys how I've been wearing some of the my favourite shades.

Firstly let me just say since having this palette I have used thirteen and Combust constantly. The two work perfectly together to highlight and to create a transition between the brow bone and whichever beautiful eye shadow you choose to use. I use Combust in my crease and then take it slightly up to my brow bone and I am obsessed with how much dimension and extra shading it gives to the finished look. Which is what I have done on all three of these looks. 


As I said I've been starting every look with Thirteen and Combust so I applied those two on the brow bone and crease. Then I took Whiskey and used that shade in my crease and then into my outer corners and lower lash line. Then I used Radar in the centre of my lid and blend that into Whisky. Finally I took Dirtysweet in my inner corners and lower lash line and blended them all together.

 For some reason I can't stop using Password it's such a unique shade, so I started with password in my crease and outer corner. Then I took Slanted on my lid and lower lash line and I also put Thirteen in my inner corner and then put more Armor on top of that. Then to darken up the corners I used Black Market obviously blending everything together as I go.

Firstly I used Password which is a really nice muted taupe grey, into my crease and then out into the outer corner. I then used Dagger on the centre of my lid and towards the inner corner. Then I took Thirteen again and used a little bit in my inner corner. By doing this I create a highlight while also lightening up the little bit of Dagger that I had already put it.

With all of these looks I finished with my Soap and Glory Supercat Eyeliner and my Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara as I feel a eye look is not complete without a feline flick. How have you guys been using this palette what are your favourite shades? 

Emer X

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