Thursday, 14 May 2015

Mermaid Glitter Nails

I wanted to show you guys this really easy and pretty design I've had on my nails this week. I recently purchased Barry M's Amethyst Glitter and I absolutely love it, the nail polish base is clear but then it is completely packed full of blue, green, purple and silver glitter. The nail polish is great on its own but it is also really buildable as I will show you below. 

  I took the beautiful amethyst glitter along with my black Barry M nail polish and a clear top coat to enhance the glitter and to smooth the finished nails. Aswell as a sponge and some tin foil, the sponge is to make it easier to create a fading effect with the glitter then the tin foil is to dispense the glitter onto so you can just throw away the left overs after you've completed your desired look.      

Firstly I painted my nails with the black and used the clear nail varnish on top of that and then wait for it to dry. Once it's dried I dispensed the nail varnish onto the foil then dip a corner of the sponge into the nail varnish making sure I don't apply too much to start with. Taking the sponge I patted it onto my nails starting at the bottom and as less product is on the sponge I brought it further up to give a very gentle scattered effect. I carried on this effect all over the nails adding more and more to the bottom to add more intensity. Once that lovely glitter was applied all over to make sure you have an even and smooth finish I went back over with the clear nail polish.   

This is the finished nail polish look, its really quick and easy but gives a really nice and pretty effect.
Let me know what you think have you used this type of technique before? Let me know how you got on with it.

Emer X

FWI - I like short nails and I have no chance of wearing falsies because of my job so please no hate comments about how short they are :)

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