Sunday, 17 May 2015

Perfect Natural Looking Brows

As I've talked about before I really haven't paid much attention to my brows, but now I really have understood the importance of completing my look with some strong bold brows.
Up until recently I'd been using a brow gel which yes was very nice but it didn't give a natural effect which for me looked really odd and as if they'd been painted on. So I wanted to try something new ideally the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wizz but thats really not on my price range so I went for a drug store dupe of that product which is the Sleek Eyebrow Stylist.
As I have quite naturally thich eyebrows anyway I only really need to shape and fill in and so I found this product to work perfectly for that. The pencil part of it is not rounded it has more of a rectangular shape which I find really helpful. I can create a perfectly defined start and end point for my brows
brows with the sharp edges, then I use the flatter surface to fill my brows in which I feel really helps the finished look. 
On the other side of the product there is an eyebrow stylist which is extremely helpfull to use after applying the pencil as it brushes away any excess that may be clumping up the way your eyebrows naturally fall. 
It's a fab product thats really easy to use and gives a really defined sharp but still veru naturual brow.

Emer X

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