Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Smokey Pink Eye Look

 With my recent change in hair colour I've been arming more towards pink and lilac shades on my eyes, I guess I like things to match. That being said I've been using these lovely shades to my favourite smokey eye looks.
I recently purchased two eye shadow palettes from Make Up revolution which I have used to create this look. 


Firstly from the Make Up Geek palette I took a really cute pink shimmer and applied that all over my lid and into my inner corners. Then I applied a peachy matt shade from the flawless palette on top of the pink to make that shade a little more subtle.

Next using a blending brush I used a dark pink into my crease going out into my outer corner. I made sure that this was nicely blended into the shades I added to lid earlier.

Now most people would leave it there and you could do that but I personally love a dark eye. so here I went into the crease and outer corner again with a matt black shade to enhance that shape and create more darkness.  

Of course finish of with some winged eyeliner and mascara to define that eye even more.

This is the finished look it's a gorgeous shimmery eye look with lots of shadow and definition to the eye shape. I would wear this with a pinky nude lipstick or even a shimmery beige. I hope you feel inspired and let me know what you think of the end result.

Emer X

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  1. Gorgeous look! I find myself swaying towards a darker eye lately x