Thursday, 15 October 2015

MAC Burgundy Times Nine

I have to say I completely understand why everyone loves mac products so much and I think I am well and truly converted to higher end make up. If you think about it, it's better to spend a little more money on a product that really will live up the the hype that it is advertised. Rather than spending the same amount of money on lots of little cheaper things that might not even work as well.

Anyways let's start on the eyes, I chose out the burgundy times 9 palette because these sort of colours are completely my vibe at the moment and at £30 for nine eye shadows I'd say it's pretty good value for money. the palette is a mixture of mattes and shimmers which s great as your able to create so many looks using this palette. 

As i said there are nine colours starting with the lightest called "honey lust" which is a really nice highlight shade as its a peach with bronze shimmer, great for strobing.  Next there is Poppy seed which is mauve satin and Quarry which is a soft plum nude matte I love both of these as a transitional shade and also allover the lid when i'm wearing a thick wing. Next is one of my favourites of this palette its called Antiqued, and its a gorgeous dark bronze/copper shade that sits perfectly on the lid with any look. I think this sort of colour really complements my eye colour and so I seem to reach for this more often than any of the others.This next shade Embark is a welcome addition to my eye shadow collection as I don't have a brown like it. The shade is a really pretty matte warm toned brown which I've found to be really complementary to my skin tone and a really great shade for darkening the crease and outer corners. Next there's Noir which I really like as again I have nothing like it as it's a  dark black/brown with gold glitter flecks. Finally the more burgundy shades the first is Haux which is a rosy brown and the next is Star Violet I've been using this shade mainly on my lid as it has a shimmer finish is the most gorgeous rose colour. Finally there is Sketch which is a plum/burgundy with red glitter flecks this one is probably second favourite as it's such a dark and deep shade it can be so versatile. 

 I have to say they are gorgeous colours and I am so glad these nine are part of my collection, I would say they should of called it plum times nine as the majority of the shades are more plum than burgundy, but hey that's just a name. I am so in love with these and I don't think they're ever coming of my eyes... or at least until I  get my hands on the new Kat Von D palete.

Have you guys tried any of the other times nine palletes ? Whats your favourite mac shade? 
Emer X

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  1. Beautiful palette:)

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