Monday, 28 September 2015

My Go To Nude Lipsticks

Up until this year I've never bothered with lipstick it was really all about the eye make up for me, I just used to use a little lip balm and that was about it. But I came to realise that lipstick completes a make up look and allows you to experiment more. Personally I like to keep my eye make up quite dark and grungy so I lent towards the beige nudes at first as they're the most subtle and made me feel alot more comfortable when I was still a little unsure with the hole idea of wearing lipstick. I realized that I actually really like the look and so I decided to pick up more lipsticks ranging in different tones of the nude category.

These 5 below are my favourite nude lipsticks that I've picked up along the way.

¦Maybeline Tantalizing Taupe¦ 

One of the first shades that I picked up, it has a gorgeous satin finish and an extremely creamy texture which makes it so easy to wear and apply. The shade is a gorgeous subtle beige with a little pink in there aswell for good measure. I tend to wear this shade when I have really dark eye make up and I don't want to draw too much attention from the dramatic eye.

¦Mac Honey Love¦
Now this one has been loves very much as you might be able to tell. This really is one of the ultimate in lipsticks, I really love to wear this on its own or as a highlight fora brown ombre lip. Like the Maybeline one it's a beige with a hint of pink but this time it's a matt so it looks even more natural and subtle than the last. 

¦Essence Cool Nude¦
Now the other end of the price spectrum, this lipstick is super cheap but its such a good product. The lipstick has a really subtle sheen to it and it's really moisturizing and light on the lips. I just love the mink type colour of this one as its got a purple hue to it, It's a little darker than my other nude lipsticks but it creates such an interesting colour.

¦Essence Oh So Matt!¦
Another essence one as I think they're just fab if you haven't tried them I'd really recommend you check them out and they're only £2.30. This one is a more pinky peachy beige, it's really cute and really sets of a more girly look. 

¦Mac Velvet Teddy¦
I don't really need to go into much detail with this one I think EVERYONE has this lipstick by now. But it is the nicest dusky pink beige with a matt finish. I love to wear this when I'm wearing green on my eyes as I think the two compliment each other really well. This shade really is the ultimate as far as a natural looking lip goes.  

I really could list more but these five are my more go to shades  that I find myself reaching for more and more often.

I'm always looking for some new shades to pick up whats your favourite nude shade? 

Emer X

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