Sunday, 11 October 2015

Free Gift @ M&S Beauty

I've been thinking about picking up a few pieces from M&S for a while now. I've been lusting over two products specifically the first being a lipstick by Diego Del Palma and the next being a Morgan Taylor nail polish. The incentive to make me finally purchase these products is that you receive a few beauty bag containing some pretty fantastic items.
All I had to do was spend £25 and I received eight items by Pixi, Eyelure, Diego Del Palmer, Autograph, Lola, Stila and Pur. This is to help promote all of the amazing new brands M&S have recently launched.

The first item out of my very luxe free make up bag is a Pixi brow powder palette, which is trio of colours in some really nice different brown hues to make a really defined brow with alot of depth and shadow. This looks like its going to be a nice product for a softer brow look.

Next up are some Eyelure lashes, which are a great brand I know everyone raves about this brand. Personally I've never even worn fake eyelashes but I really want to try some out. So these very natural looking lashes should be perfect for a falsie virgin.

A Diego Del Palmer mascara which seems like its going to be pretty good, the brush is nice and thick and has dips in it, which is perfect to make sure that every lash is coated.

Also included is an Autograph eye palette which is their own brand. The palette is really nice quality quite highly pigmented shadows in lovely warm brown tones.

 A really cute item from Stila next, it is lip glaze in a very pretty pink nude colour. I would use this just in the centre of my lip to add a highlight.

Then a lip liner by the brand Lola that's in a true red, I probably won't use this much I don't wear many reds but I think it' a good item to have in my collection.

Finally a sachet of the PUR colour correcting primer, which works out good as it's something I've wanted to try out for while. I'm just scared that if I like it I'll have to buy the full one. 

So I'd say for spending £25 and then getting this for free works out pretty good. I can't wait to try out some new brands and new products.

Emer X

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