Sunday, 15 November 2015

Removing hair colour without damage

As you guys have seen over the last year my hair has changed every couple of months. I've gone from green to blue then to purple which is where I'm at now. 
I've now decided I want to change it up again, a couple of years ago I had my first experience with bleach when I did a ombre. It was not a good first attempt and it ruined my hair, the colour though was very nice but my hair just could not recover.
So i'd like to do an ombre again but this time an almost black from the root and then ombred into silver. But anyway I really don't want to do too much bleach bathing the achieve this look and so I looked into ways that I can lighten and remove my current color. 
The method that stood out best to me is mixing crushed vitamin c tablets with head & shoulders shampoo and conditioner and applying it all over or to the area you want to be lifted. I have to say I'm pretty impressed with the hole process and especially the final result. 

So I used two of the vitamin c tablets and ground them up into a powder. I then mixed those with the usual amount of head & shoulders that I would use when I wash my hair. 
As I only wanted to remove half of the colour in my hair I took the mixture all through my ends and then took it towards my ears as I'm using that as a starting point for the ombre. 
I then tyed my hair up and poped a shower cap on and left the mixture for two hours, you do sometimes get leeking from shower cap as there is a fizzing when you combine the mixture but don't worry t'd not damaging your hair. 
Once the two hours is up I washed it off and then applied a deep moisturizing hair mask just to help along any hair that may be struggling with the process. Also if you haven't got two spare hours you can also use your hairdryer on the area you want to lighten and the heat with help speed the process along.   

As you can see from the before and after photographs you can definitely see the difference, especially at the front. For some strange reason the mix works better mostly at the front of my hair so now my ends are all a mousy brown highlighted with lilac, which is actually pretty okay. I still have the same colour as before in from the root so I guess its livable for a week or so. I definitely found the more often you do this technique the better, overall I've done this three times and I really feel like now I am ready to get started with my new colour. 

Have you guys tried this technique, did it work out okay for you? I'm loving my results what do you think?
Emer X

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