Saturday, 21 November 2015

What was in my Birchbox for November

I really wanted to show you guys what came in my Birchbox this month as I'm pretty excited about everything which I'm happy about as in the past I've been  little disappointed. So to receive so many good products this month I feel a little blessed and I thought why not show you guys what I received this time and maybe it will inspire you to get a Birchbox too. 

Firstly lets just take a second to appreciate the beautiful mermaid packaging which is thanks to Skinny Dip London who have teamed up with Birchbox this time. Along side the gorgeous box by skinny dip you also receive  £10 off voucher inside too which is a pretty nice little perk.

But anyway on the the products the first thing I pulled out was the lord and berry translucent lip pencil which is great as I've been meaning to try one of these translucent colours for a while now as you can use it with any lipstick and it wont have an effect on the lipsticks colour.

Next product is the Ren wake wonderful night time facial which is something I'm really interested to try As I really like the sound of it. With this product you apply it all over your face after you've taken all your make up off. Then pop your usual night cream or moisturizer on top of that and the product is supposed to brighten and revitalize your skin as you sleep. Now that's something I'm really interested in so I'll let you know how this one goes.

Now I really don't need another mascara but I did receive one in my box this time by the brand So Susan. The mascara is supposed to feather out your lashes while also thickening and volumizing them at the same time, as I said I really don't need  another mascara but I'm always willing to try out different ones.

It seems like I get something from the brand beauty protector every time and I really enjoy everything I get, this time its a body lotion that has a gorgeous subtle sweet scent and feels really luxurious to apply, its also its really hydrating perfect for cold winter mornings.

Finally a real luxury product from Delrom, it's the Creme Aquacomfort which is unlike anything else I've used as I'm pretty new to the whole skincare thing. I have to say I have really enjoyed this it has so many good ingredients that sooth my skin after cleansing and toning  and make me feel refreshed. 

As an added bonus you also get a beauty treat which this month was some lovely rose petal nail wraps that are pretty cool, I'm not sure if I'd wear these as they're pink and it's a colour I just don't do but I love the look and the idea of them.

I think having a Birchbox every month it something every beauty junkie should do s you get to try out So many different brands and products and some that you've never even pick on herd off. this time especially is worth it guys so definitely head over and pick one up.

Emer X

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