Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Trend Alert ¦ Moc Croc Bag

 Moc Croc is a finish that I have been a fan off for quite some time. As my styles pretty grungy I love anything animal print in any form. I've always been more of a handbag type of girl too so as I've been wondering round the internet and moc croc bags just keep popping up every site I go onto. So below are my top pics that I have found so far.

¦ Bershka Basket Style Bag ¦ I love this bag as it looks alot more expensive than it is. The style is classic and simple chic, I think as gorgeous as this is perfectly couldn't wear it as it really doesn't fit with my everyday style. But I think if you were a smart casual type of girl, this is the perfect moc croc for you, AND its only £22.99 can't beat that really.

Pauls Boutique Ally Oversize Tote Bag ¦ I feel like this bag on the other and would be perfect for any occasion and it's pretty much that balance between smart and casual. This ones £75 and is obviously in the higher end but I'd say it looks like it's worth that sort of price.3

ZARA Croc and Chain City Bag ¦ The bag that every blogger and youtuber seems to have recently picked up. I really don't blame them it's such a nice classic and chic style with a more patent finish on the moc croc, just beautiful. This beauty is £89.99 and if I had that much lying round I'd definitely pick this beauty up.

ZARA Croc Pattern Messenger Bag ¦ Alot more reasonably priced again in that gorgeous burgundy colour. It's a quite cute messenger style with gold hardware. This bag is quite small for me as I like to carry aaaalot of stuff with me. But at £17.99 I think it would be a pretty nice going out bag.

Pauls Boutique Purses ¦ Pauls Boutique are really onit this season with some gorgeous bags and purses and these beauties are perfect. The finish and these purses is beautiful and they have gorgeous hardware and finishing touches.

I always think buying a nice bang on trend quality bag is worth getting at the start of a new season and it really sets you up for any outfit through the season.

Emer X

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