Thursday, 24 September 2015

New Hair - The Lob

 I've been thinking about changing my hair for a little while but I didn't dare because I've always wanted princess hair. I decided the princess hair isn't gonna happen any time soon because its quite damaged and my hair won't grow past the length it's been at forever.
So I'd been looking at different styles and I finally decided on a lob as I new I didn't want my hair mega short and so cutting it to medium/short length felt better for me. I tend to wear my hair more wavy recently so I thought it's pretty perfect style for me.

As you can see from the before and after photos I had a considerable amount cut off, the shortest point is at the back just after my neck. Then the length goes down towards the front very gradually and my hairdresser made is quite choppy so that there's alot of volume to the finish. She also cut it a little shorter than I originally wanted because my hair grows very fast, for a few weeks it'll be a little shorter than I originally wanted but I still quite like it right now as I feel the shape compliments the shape of my face. 

Every now and then I go through a faze where I feel like I really need to re invent my look, last year I got an undercut and dyed my hair blue and turquoise oh and i got a industrial piercing. So this year I've gone purple cut it shorter than I ever thought i'd have it and I'm seriously considering a septum piercing, because why not and they look so cool.  

So anyway ramble over, i hope you like the style and please follow me on Instagram to see what colour/style/piercing/tattoo i get next. 

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